Luke Warzyniec

Luke hails to us from Ypsilanti, MI where he was born and raised. At the age of 24 Luke entered the Detroit Teen Challenge program. Shortly after completing the program in 2012 he slid back into his old ways of living. Luke continued down this path until 2016 when he realized he needed to make a big life change. He decided to re-enter an Adult Teen Challenge program as a restoration student.

Upon completion of the restoration program, Luke felt God place it on his heart to continue to serve in the Teen Challenge ministry. The Lord opened the door for Luke to serve here, at Ozarks Teen Challenge as an intern. Upon the completion of his internship he was offered a full-time Direct Care Staff position in the fall of 2017. In April of 2018, Luke was given a promotion to serve as the Assistant Recreation Coordinator.

“I feel blessed to be apart of this ministry and seeing these young men change and become more spiritual is the most rewarding part of my job.” Warzyniec said. With the current opioid crisis consuming our country, Luke feels a calling to mentor these young men and help raise them up to become men of God.