Many godly parents have prayed and fasted for their teens, yet they watch painfully as their child continues down a path of rebellion and destruction. One mother said, “I pray for my children, but why is God so slow to answer?” So what can parents or grandparents do to help deter bad behavior? Keep praying, but stop enabling!  Enabling a troubled teens addictive/destructive behaviors may at first appear to be “helpful actions” but, in reality, they are only contributing to their downfall.  Understanding what enabling is the first step towards avoiding this pitfall.  Please take a few minutes to look through some of our latest resources on this topic.

Suggested Reading

Many families find that family therapy helpful before, during and after your son’s treatment. While your son receives treatment for substance abuse or behavioral problems, it is critical that the family support is there for him when he returns home. Learn how to provide family support without enabling your son’s bad behaviors.

If you feel that you need to stop enabling and that action is necessary get your troubled teen the help he needs, call us today at: 417-272-3784.  The decision to enroll your teen in a residential rehabilitation program can be a difficult, our Admissions Coordinator would love to help.

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