What Is Behavioral Therapy And How Will It Help My Son?

An Introduction and Overview of Behavioral Therapy

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe in many things but two things in particular. First, through Christ, all things are possible. Second, our children, no matter what they’ve done, are worth our love, affection, and effort. With these two beliefs, we work to provide an environment in which our boys can thrive. With Christ in their hearts, a community of believers and supporters at their backs, and a group of passionate caretakers employing behavioral therapy and other drug treatment methods, the boys who come through our center commit to better lives. Aside from giving your boys a foundational and healing relationship with our Savior, the best thing we can do for them is provide behavioral therapy. In this blog, we’d like to give an overview of behavioral therapy.

What Is Behavioral Therapy?

Often used to help with substance abuse and alcoholism, behavioral therapy takes forms in many different ways, but we use it to help change unhealthy behaviors. All of us learn many of our behaviors by watching our environment, engaging with popular culture, or following in the footsteps of our friends. With this type of therapy, we teach boys to try to change the negative behaviors they’ve learned over the years. God created us in His image, and he wanted more for us than a life of substance abuse and addiction. With prayer, community, and therapy, we work with our boys to tear down their harmful behaviors. Once they’ve relinquished these old ways, they can start a new life, one based on a relationship with God.

How Will This Therapy Help My Son?

Boys come to us when they need a nudge in the right direction. We provide that with Christian counseling, prayer groups, discipleship classes, and outdoor activities. We use behavioral therapy to teach our boys new skills. When they go camping or fishing, we give them experiences that instill confidence and empower them. This confidence works with their renewed faith in Christ and Biblical teaching to give them all the tools they need to move forward into a more positive life.

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