Boys Boarding School: The Benefits of One-On-One Tutoring

Boys Boarding School Offers Several Tutoring Benefits

When a young man’s social behavior is indicative of substance abuse or other involvement that may require drug treatment or behavioral interventions, often there is a decline in academics, if not abandonment of learning altogether. As a Christian boys boarding school, Ozarks Teen Challenge seeks to restore your son not only spiritually and socially but also academically.

The Value of Boys Boarding School

Attending a Christian boys boarding school for troubled boys affords your son the opportunity to escape whatever pressures and struggles he perceives and have a fresh start while in a teen rehab recovery program.  Ozarks Teen Challenge Christian boarding school provides your son with structured daily living, providing life skills as well as appropriate drug treatment and behavioral interventions in group and individual mentoring sessions.

Our daily schedule at our Ozarks Teen Challenge boys boarding school provides time for personal reflection, drug treatment interventions, corporate as well as individual prayer and Bible study, academics, group and personal discipleship classes, recreation, chores and time to contact parents as well as a good night’s sleep each night.  Every student enrolled at Ozarks Teen Challenge Christian boys boarding school learns not only life skills but spiritual and academic skills to achieve and maintain a successful, God-honoring, productive life as an adult.

Academics at Ozarks Teen Challenge

Our academic program can be customized through one-on-one tutoring for each young man enrolled in our residential boys boarding school program.  We use the award-winning Switched On Schoolhouse by Alpha & Omega Publishing, a successful homeschooling curriculum for over 30 years.  Because we use a well-known homeschool curriculum, academics can be easily tailored to meet your son’s academic needs.

If your son is behind, with our year-round classroom, we can modify curriculum to help your son catch up with one-on-one tutoring, achieving success and building academic confidence.

Is your son ahead of the game? We can ‘speed up’ our curriculum to satisfy his natural curiosities and talents. Our one-on-one tutoring program can be refined to meet each student’s needs and abilities. One-on-one tutoring also ensures that your son will get the academic help he needs.

Boys boarding school students who meet the Missouri state credit requirements may be eligible to receive a diploma from Ozarks Teen Challenge.  Concerned about the SAT & ACT test? Testing arrangements can be made for your son at nearby locations.

Ozarks Teen Challenge desires to help your son achieve his full social, spiritual and academic potential through our spiritual, academic and behavioral programs designed to help each student individually. If you are considering a residential treatment facility for your son, contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today at 417-272-3784.