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How Our Boys Boarding School Helps Prepare Your Child for College

How Your Child Will be Conditioned for College From Our Boys Boarding School

When your teenager embarks on his journey to our boys boarding school, he will be entering an environment that is conditioning him for the demands of higher education. Our teen rehab program not only addresses any attitude or addiction issues but also trains our students for life in the real world at a level that public school rarely accomplishes. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we decided to share some of the ways your child will be better prepared for his years in college or whatever path he may choose to pursue.

Establishing a Schedule

One of the most fundamental philosophies that you will find at our boys boarding school is the organized schedule our students follow every day. Beginning at 7 a.m. sharp, the boys wake up to begin their various activities. The activities include doing chores, attending academy sessions and participating in recreational events. Each activity has a specific time frame, so the boys are required to manage their hours and make sure that they are achieving everything they need to get done during the day. This routine structure will aid in the graduate’s performance in college, as they will persistently have to manage their time with assignments and extracurricular activities.

Learning Study Skills

As students of our boys boarding school, the teenagers attend various classes in which they study traditional school subjects, as well as teachings from the Bible. As they attend class and test their knowledge, the boys learn important techniques for studying and doing well in class. This attribute will be an essential component to have when they are off to college and taking tests on a week-to-week basis.

Developing Social Skills

For a majority of the teenagers at our boys boarding school, the peers that surround them are all unfamiliar faces at first. However, the students learn to establish bonds and make friends that are different from the ones they may have had at home. This is very comparable to attending college, as you will likely be surrounded by people who you never met before. Also, practicing these social skills can help down the road when our graduates are networking for potential jobs.

Making a Habit of Exercising

Another habit practiced by the students of our boys boarding school is consistent physical activity. Our teens participate in recreation therapy programs every day, which not only aids in building character but also allows our students to be in better physical shape. This will benefit the boys greatly when they attend college, as they will likely be on their own and free to make their own health choices. Luckily, their time at our teen rehab will encourage them to stay fit throughout their adult years.

Learn More About Our Boys Boarding School

It’s clear to see that our boys boarding school will get your teenager the help he needs while also putting him in an environment that will ready him for life after high school. Over 70 percent of our graduates are in college, and it’s all thanks to the skills they learn during our teen rehab. For more information about our program, contact Ozarks Teen Challenge at 417-272-3784.

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