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How Can Afterschool Youth Programs Keep Your Kids From Drugs?

Why Should You Enroll Your Kids into Afterschool Youth Programs?

Drug use continues to be a problem with youth all across the country. Although Ozarks Teen Challenge runs a boys boarding school for teen addiction recovery, we know that prevention works much better than any rehabilitation ever could. Cultivating an open and loving relationship with you teen and fostering their self confidence will go a long way toward keeping them away from drugs during their teenage years. Afterschool youth programs are a great way to give kids the tools to say no to drug use.

Why Youth Programs?

Some parents think simply talking about the dangers of drugs is enough to deter their kids. This can work for some kids but not others. Other parents try to scare their kids with horror stories, and this approach rarely works. Equipping kids with the tools to say no for their own reasons is always the best approach.

What They Say About Idle Hands Is True

Kids with time on their hands will try out different things to relieve their boredom. It’s only natural for these kids to turn to something dangerous at some point during their rebellious teenage years. Afterschool youth programs keep kids occupied a little longer and stop the boredom from creeping in.

Hobbies Give Kids Something To Look Forward To

When you enroll your child into an afterschool chess club, book club, music lessons, or even a sports team, you give them something exciting to look forward to. These youth programs change the rhythm of their days and give them the opportunity to showcase and develop skills. Maybe it helps them daydream about their future careers as athletes or musicians or artists. With a tangible future in mind, they will be less likely to fall prey to drug use.

Afterschool Programs Provide Mentors

A youth program after school will put your child in the classroom or on the field with a coach or teacher. Aside from the time spent with you, this will be the best chance for them to get close to an adult. These focused times with a mature role model may give your child the confidence to open up to them in a way they probably find difficult with a parent. Mentors in youth programs can also give them advice, or just lead by example when it comes to making good decisions.

Ozarks Teen Challenge Is Here When Prevention Methods Fail

Sometimes prevention methods like youth programs just don’t work. That doesn’t make you a failure as a parent, or make your child any worse than the next. Some teenagers struggle to deal with peer pressure, stress, and other things that make them more susceptible to drug use regardless of the youth programs you enroll them in. If your teen has fallen into drug addiction, contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today.

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