Family with Teen after Behavioral Therapy

Making Amends with Family After Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy: Making Amends with Family and Friends Making amends with family and friends is one of the most important steps of the behavioral therapy and rehabilitation process. It is an opportunity to recognize past mistakes, move on from painful memories, and make new plans for the future. Unfortunately, making...

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Teenage girl drinking drug treatment

Drug Treatment: Are Teens are More Susceptible to Addiction?

Drug Treatment: Why Teens are Prone to Drug-Use Each year, millions of teens choose to partake in illegal drinking and drug use. What may begin as mere curiosity eventually leads many down a destructive path toward dependence and addiction, which causes them to seek help from a drug treatment program....

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Stressed teen in teen rehab

Teen Rehab: Managing Your Stress

Dealing with Stress During Teen Rehab Stress is an inevitable part of life, and during teen rehab, you are bound to face some stressful situations. In the past, you may have dealt with stress through drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors, but during your recovery and rehabilitation, you need to...

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Teenage boy at school going through teen rehab

Tips to Maintaining Sobriety through Teen Rehab

Teen Rehab: Tips for Staying Sober Getting sober is a tremendous achievement that deserves celebration. The determination and perseverance that is required in drug and alcohol recovery is staggering and to reach the finish line is truly a monumental achievement. However, finding sobriety is just the first step in your...

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Youth programs are available through youth groups

Why Finding a Youth Group is a Viable Youth Program

Youth Programs: Finding a Youth Group Getting your son help is an all-encompassing task. It is more than just a technique or a formula. This process requires constant attention and prayer as your son seeks the guidance and relationships they need for the recovery process. One important factor is getting...

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Finding a church helps according to Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge on Why Finding a Church Home is Important

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Why Finding A Church Home is Important The road to recovery is long and winding one. There are no shortcuts because the end goal isn’t simply to make an earthly recovery, but also to make a spiritual one. To make that full recovery, the church has to...

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Coach giving a teen rehab through mentorship

Helping Your Teen’s Rehab Through Mentorship

Teen Rehab: Finding a Mentor for Your Son Helping your teenager walk through their recovery isn’t more than just following a checklist of tasks. It is an all-encompassing venture that requires time and care from both parents, friends and your son. The goal is for the recovery process to last....

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teen undergoes withdrawal symptoms

Drug Treatment: How to Deal With Withdrawal

Dealing with Withdrawals During Drug Treatment Withdrawal symptoms commonly arise at the beginning of a drug treatment program. Many teens who come take the Ozarks Teen Challenge experience some kinds of symptoms – regardless of whether they had been addicted to drugs, alcohol, or simply poor lifestyle habits. While withdrawal...

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creative piece made in teen rehab

Creative Activities for Teen Rehab

Improve Teen Rehab with Creative Activities Teens who struggle with addiction to substances or to poor behaviors often simultaneously struggle with expressing themselves. Because they do not feel like they can make their feelings known, either because they feel powerless to do so or they do not think that they...

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woman realizing she needs drug treatment

Drug Treatment: Underlying Issues That Can Lead to Addiction

Issues that Can Lead to Needing Drug Treatment While the science of addiction is still emerging, it is evident that emotional turmoil, family history, and environmental issues can play a role in your teen boy’s experimentation with substance abuse or other addictive behaviors. If you are noticing signs of substance...

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