Teens studying at boys boarding school

How Our Boys Boarding School Helps Prepare Your Child for College

How Your Child Will be Conditioned for College From Our Boys Boarding School When your teenager embarks on his journey to our boys boarding school, he will be entering an environment that is conditioning him for the demands of higher education. Our teen rehab program not only addresses any attitude...

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The Importance of Staying Persistent During Drug Treatment

How Staying Optimistic and Persevering Will Benefit Your Drug Treatment When your loved one has decided to get help for their drug or alcohol addiction, then the ground has been set for them to get back on the right path to success. Making that initial decision to change is among...

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Teen in need of Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Myths About Addiction and Abuse

Ozarks Teen Challenge Debunks Misperceptions About Addiction Whether it’s yourself or a loved one, facing drug addiction and abuse can be a difficult situation to address. We all want to see ourselves and our peers succeed, so when we notice a person putting him or herself in a situation that...

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A Person Helps a Drug Addict By Offering Them a Chance to Go to Teen Rehab

Teen Rehab: Key Differences Between Enabling and Helping Your Child

Teen Rehab: Are You Supporting or Enabling Your Child? Addiction afflicts millions of people every year. Each and every one of these addicts has family, friends, and individuals who love and care about them. Young teenagers and adolescents are the most susceptible to drug use in this country, and it...

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Sigmund Freud Would Have Benefited from Drug Treatment

Famous Figures to Need Drug Treatment

These Famous People Needed Drug Treatment At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we treat drug addiction in teenagers. We understand just how miserable drugs will make you and your teen’s life. Our teen rehab program is all about putting your teen back on track to make good life decisions and helping them live...

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Drug Treatment Can Help Addicts

The Evolution of Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment Changes Over the Years Ever since Adam and Eve broke their pact with God and ate from the forbidden tree, people have wanted to shut off their minds and numb the pain of life with different forms of drug use. The Bible mentions alcohol and alludes to the...

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Afterschool Youth Programs Keep Kids Away From Drugs

How Can Afterschool Youth Programs Keep Your Kids From Drugs?

Why Should You Enroll Your Kids into Afterschool Youth Programs? Drug use continues to be a problem with youth all across the country. Although Ozarks Teen Challenge runs a boys boarding school for teen addiction recovery, we know that prevention works much better than any rehabilitation ever could. Cultivating an...

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Silhouette of a young man in need of programs for troubled teens

Important Parts of Programs for Troubled Teens

  Important Elements in Programs for Troubled Teens If you’re researching programs for troubled teens, you’ve come to the right place. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we have many years of experience in working with teenagers who are struggling with addiction and other damaging habits to get them back on the...

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Teenage boys reading a bible at a boys boarding school

Preparation for a Boys Boarding School

  Preparing Your Son for a Boys Boarding School If you and your family have reached the decision to send your son to a boys boarding school, you might find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with new things to consider before they go. Whether this is a mutual decision or the result...

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Young man holding a cigarette in need for drug treatment

Narcotics Anonymous Versus Faith-Based Drug Treatment

Should I Enroll My Son in NA or a Faith-Based Drug Treatment Program? If your son is struggling with drug addiction, you may be weighing several different options. You want to make sure your son gets effective drug treatment from individuals who care and want to see your teen succeed....

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