Young man explaining the bible to a teen boy during drug treatment

How Relationship Building Helps with Effective Drug Treatment

  The Role Relationships Play in Effective Drug Treatment Programs At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we understand the importance that relationships play in effective drug treatment programs. Not only do we value the relationship between an individual and God, but also the relationship between staff members and the teens at our...

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father and son communicating with help from ozarks teen challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Creating Better Communication with Your Son

Effective Communication Advice from Ozarks Teen Challenge At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we understand that sometimes the hardest thing to do is to effectively communicate with your teen. Below are some tips from the Ozarks Teen Challenge staff on how to create better methods of communication between you and your son,...

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Finding Hope in the Face of Addiction – One Smile at a Time

Smiles, Joy, & Faith Unless you are a Yankees fan, you might look at this picture and think, “why is this photo so important?” Well, this simple photo brought  several of our staff members to tears this week, in gratefulness to God.  You see, our work at Ozarks Teen Challenge...

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Man breaking through issues with drug treatment

How Drug Treatment Leads to Breakthrough

Breakthrough with Drug Treatment At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer behavioral therapy and drug treatment options to parents of teens with behavioral issues, and addictions. We firmly believe that a Bible-based rehabilitation method works best to provide lasting results in teens who both require and desire direction in their life....

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boy with backpack dealing with shame needs help from ozarks teen challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Dealing with Shame

Handling Shame with Help from Ozarks Teen Challenge Shame is a major factor in addiction, and it often worsens the condition by convincing the sufferer that the only answer is to keep going. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we see many young men pass through our doors who are drowning in...

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teen boy transitioning from youth programs brick background

The Transition from Youth Programs

The Process of Transitioning from Youth Programs At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer help to families in need of a fresh start with their young men. Whether you’re dealing with behavioral issues or addiction, we believe that God has a greater purpose for your son, and we intend to help...

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The challenge of teen rehab

What Makes Teen Rehab So Hard?

The Challenge of Teen Rehab Addiction is a major hurdle for anyone, no matter their age. But, at Ozark Teen Challenge, we know the unique issues that come from teen rehab. We offer some advice on what kind of obstacles to expect if you’re teenage son resists help, and reassure...

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Ozark Teen Challenge and unexpected addiction

Ozark Teen Challenge – Insidious Addiction

Ozark Teen Challenge on How Addiction Can Take People By Surprise Through years of helping troubled teenagers through the message of God, the importance of faith and sheer determination, Ozark Teen Challenge has learned some things about addiction. We want to share some of this knowledge with you and let...

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Drug treatment and physical fitness

Physical Health and Drug Treatment

The Importance of Physical Health in Drug Treatment Helping teenagers through drug treatment is incredibly difficult. Dealing with the anger and isolation of addiction is difficult for the teens themselves, their families and the mentors at Ozark Teen Challenge. But, through our years of work under the guidance of God,...

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Recreation in youth programs

Why Recreation is Important in Youth Programs

Recreational Therapy in Youth Programs There are a wide variety of youth programs out there for teenagers, whether it’s troubled teens with emotional issues or problems with addiction or teens from poorer areas with less access to local activities. Whatever the goal of the youth program, the majority of them...

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