How Strong Family Relationships Provide Support for Troubled Teens

The teen years come with their fair share of trouble, and that’s under the best circumstances. It’s a time when young people are becoming more independent. They’re trying to learn who is safe to be around, what their lives are supposed to be about, and how to become functioning adults (eventually). Strong family relationships play … Read more

Finding Support

Addiction always negatively affects the addict, but it also affects literally everybody that they come in contact with. Let’s look at some of those types of different relationships: Friends The relationship typically is a one sided relationship.  It is going to sour quickly, probably because you’re not bringing anything of value to the relationship. Think … Read more

Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding trust in relationships is a simple process, but not an easy one. Someone suffering from an addiction or uncontrollable behavior must build that trust from the very bottom and work their way up to the top. Think of rebuilding trust as a house. This house needs a foundation, floors, walls, and a roof. Think … Read more

Ways to Bond and Reconnect with Your Teen After Rehab

When your teen gets back from rehab, they may still be a little distant. Rebuilding a relationship after rehab takes time and patience, but it is more than possible. With a little cooperation, you can repair your relationship with your teen and get back to where you were before their addiction started. Today in the … Read more

Choosing the Right Program for Your Troubled Teen

Teen talking to a therapist

Parenting a troubled teen can be a difficult road to walk and it is equally difficult when you realize that you may need outside help.  “Do I need to enroll my son into a program for troubled teens?” “If we need help, where should we go?”  “How do we know we are making the right … Read more

Teen Drug Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

Movies, video games, television shows, and popular music, all are examples of avenues through which teens are inundated with glamorized images of drug and illegal substance use. According to a recent content analysis, alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs are present in 70% of prime time network dramatic programs, 38 out of 40 top-grossing movies, and … Read more

My Teen is in Rehab…Now What?

Mom considering admitting son into program for troubled teens

Anxiety, stress, worry, anger, & fear…these are the constant companions of the parents of addicted or extremely defiant teens.  Worry and fear that their teen may permanently harm himself or others.  Constant stress and anxiety over the angry battles that inevitably result from confronting their dangerous behaviors.  Mourning the loss of trust and relationship that their … Read more