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Four Encouragements For Parents From Ozarks Teen Challenge

Sad woman hugging her husband

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Four Encouragements For Parents As a parent, nothing is more difficult than watching your child struggle. Whether that struggle is with substance abuse, depression or anxiety issues, it can be difficult to stay positive and engaged. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe that your teenager needs you more than anybody else during … Read more

When Is Behavioral Therapy The Right Option

Young man in therapy

When Is Behavioral Therapy The Right Treatment Option Finding the right treatment options for a troubled teenager can be difficult. Dealing with drug or substance abuse often requires professional help, and Ozarks Teen Challenge is here for you. We offer behavioral therapy services for our clients, a powerful therapeutic tool that helps to reinforce healthy … Read more

How Youth Programs Can Help With Depression

Group of teenagers talking

How Youth Programs Can Help Your Teen Battle Depression For the hundreds of millions of people in the world that suffer from depression, the struggle can seem almost unbearable. For teenagers, that struggle can be even more difficult, as they are coping with a developing self-image and the stresses of school and social life. However, … Read more

Why Accountability Is So Important For Teen Rehab

Man talking with his son

The Importance Of Accountability With Teen Rehab The teen rehab process is never an easy one. It requires endurance and perseverance from the teenager as well as their loved ones. It requires diligence from the parent to stay engaged and willpower from the teen to stay away from the substances and habits in question. Today, … Read more

Does Behavioral Therapy Treat Anxiety?

How Behavioral Therapy Reduces Unwanted Anxiety We’ve all had those days where you just sit there and worry about something that happened months ago. You replay it over and over in your mind to the point where you might not even be able to sleep. This anxious feeling that keeps you up at night is … Read more

Are Boarding Schools with Rehab Treatments the Real Deal?

Do Boarding Schools with Rehab Treatments Really Work? Is your teen boy struggling with addiction? If so, you’re likely perusing the internet for the best boarding schools with rehab treatments right at this moment. However, there’s probably one question that’s circling through your mind over and over again… Do these rehab programs even work? At … Read more