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Common Behavioral Addictions

Addiction is usually associated with a dependence on drugs or alcohol, but there are also a lot of behavioral addictions out there. It’s good to know about these because, if your teen is prone to addiction, it might not be a long road for them to attach themselves to one of these as a replacement for their substance addiction. Today in the Ozarks Teen Challenge blog, we’ll go over some of the most common behavioral addictions.

Internet Addiction

The Internet is always prevalent in our everyday lives. With constant access, many of us use it throughout the day. The Internet is beginning to be considered a basic human need in certain parts of the modern world. However, sometimes people with a lack of self-control can use the Internet compulsively. Internet addiction is officially considered a form of impulse control so someone with a tendency for this may be at risk for compulsive use.

Shopping Addiction

This is also generally not considered an “addiction” but more of an impulse control disorder. Compulsive shopping is typically a way to deal with unwanted emotions, and it can cause the shopper to feel guilty and worse afterward. It can also cause financial issues for them if it’s allowed to develop out of control.

Food Addiction

Food addiction is another issue that could be categorized as an eating order rather than a more typical addiction. Still, disorders share a lot of the same reward system symptoms as addiction. Binge eaters will often overeat as a source of comfort and as a way to suppress negative emotions, causing them to feel guilt and shame afterward.

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction tends to stem from the individual seeking a means of escape from their everyday lives. While some people may play video games for a couple hours a day, people with a video game addiction will play for hours on end, neglecting responsibilities and other aspects of their life to continue playing.

Just like the other habits we talked about in our blog today, video game addiction can be managed with therapy and counseling. Often, finding the root of these issues and getting therapy is the best way to deal with these impulse control problems.

People who have struggled with substance addiction in the past are prone to lock on to other means of escape, so keep this in mind when your teen gets back from rehab.

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