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Creative Activities for Teen Rehab

Improve Teen Rehab with Creative Activities

Teens who struggle with addiction to substances or to poor behaviors often simultaneously struggle with expressing themselves. Because they do not feel like they can make their feelings known, either because they feel powerless to do so or they do not think that they possess the capacity to do so, they turn to behaviors and substances that make them feel good.

When creative activities such as writing, painting, drawing, acting, and more are paired with a teen rehab program, addicts often experience greater recovery with less chance of a relapse. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we encourage all of our teen rehab attendees to pursue their own creative interests in their free time outside of prayer, studying, and group activities. Creative activities allow your teen the opportunity to reflect on his behaviors and find ways of representing his feelings where he may not be able to express them through words. Below, we look at some creative activities that he may engage in and how they can help as part of a full teen rehab program.


If your teen comes to Ozarks Teen Challenge with an addiction problem, painting can help him relieve some of the anxieties of quitting. Some sources say that the fluid motions of painting can mimic the feelings of loss of control that come with addiction, and thus provide an easy way for your teen to channel that energy into a more productive medium. Painting also gives your teen a lot of choice in how to represent his emotions through all colors and modes. He can paint abstract shapes or realistic images – whatever gets his brain working the most and off thoughts of his addiction.

Playing Music

Playing music is not only fun because it attracts an audience, but playing instruments has a significant movement component. While it’s not as strenuous as exercise, really getting into the playing helps to distract your teen’s attention from desires for a substance. Many sources show that learning music also improves analytical and mathematical thinking, which may improve your teen’s performance in his studies.


Many teens may not feel comfortable talking about their negative experiences with substance abuse or other addictive behaviors. But giving them the space and time to write allows them a judgment-free space to discuss whatever feelings or ideas they have. They can share if they want, but mostly this kind of writing should be personal. After all, writing requires that your teen organize his ideas, and this may help him to reflect on his past behaviors.

Teen Rehab at Ozarks Teen Challenge

When you enroll your troubled teen with Ozarks Teen Challenge, you enroll them in the best teen rehab and faith-based education boarding school in the Ozarks area. We make sure that your teen has ample time to explore his interests while receiving his education. Here, he will learn discipline, responsibility, discipleship, and more. To get enroll your son into teen rehab with Ozarks Teen Challenge, contact us today.

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