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Developing Youth Through Recreational Therapy Programs

Recreational Therapy Programs: Life Lessons Through Life Experiences

Ozark Teen Challenge Boys Academy is committed to creating an environment that is designed to give your teenager a chance to turn into the adult man that he was intended to be. We believe that one of the most impactful ways to help your child’s development is by providing experiences and turning them into teachable moments. In today’s blog, we want to discuss how our recreational therapy programs use outdoor activities as a method to give your teen life lessons through life experience.

Recreational Therapy Programs: What are they?

Our recreational therapy programs are focused on getting your teen outside. We believe that too many teens today live a physically unhealthy life. Part of becoming a well-rounded healthy adult is learning the importance of health and fitness and learning to develop a routine of healthy living. Our program activities include recreational sports, marathon running, camping, hiking, and fishing among others.

Benefit of Recreational Therapy Programs for your Teen

We believe that our recreational therapy programs serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, it provides an outlet for pent-up energy. Often, teenagers can get themselves into trouble because they have an excess of nervous, anxious energy without a healthy method of burning it. Our teens learn the impact of physical activity and how living a physically active life can be positive.

These group activities also allow our teens the opportunity to work together in order to identify and overcome challenges. The ability to properly communicate, show leadership, and listen to feedback while in difficult situations is integral to developing into a young man who can act maturely in social situations. Activity in recreational sports provides an opportunity to learn team building skills in a positive manner. Learning how to properly react and handle defeat teaches your teen the importance of composure. The development of an identity based on spiritual strength and inner character instead of external success allows teenagers to have experiences they can draw on in the future in the face of hardships. Experiencing victory in a graceful manner teaches the value an internalized self-confidence.

Our outdoors activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing allow our teens the chance to develop a lifelong love and appreciation for nature. Time for introspection and reflection give an opportunity to focus on spiritual development and self-growth. This time provides ample opportunity for our staff to mentor and build deeper personal connections with our teens.

Learn More About Ozarks Teen Challenge

At Ozark Teen Challenge these recreational therapy programs are a key component in our teen rehab program. By putting our teens in opportunities to have positive life experiences they gain the ability to learn from those experiences. For more information about our rehabilitation program, contact us at 417-272-3784.

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