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How Drug Treatment Leads to Breakthrough

Breakthrough with Drug Treatment

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer behavioral therapy and drug treatment options to parents of teens with behavioral issues, and addictions. We firmly believe that a Bible-based rehabilitation method works best to provide lasting results in teens who both require and desire direction in their life. Our Christian boarding school works hand in hand with parents to create stable foundations on which your son can grow as an individual, flourish spiritually, and transition home with a new outlook on life.

The Breakthrough

Addiction experts refer to “the breakthrough” as the moment when an individual realizes that they no longer need drugs to lead a happy and fulfilling life. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we instill the message that God has a greater purpose for your son, working one on one and in group counseling sessions to help your teen gain a broader perspective on life and the plan that God has for him.

The first phase of our 5-phase drug treatment system, helps your teen determine self-value through Bible-based teaching. We help him to understand that he is more than just flesh and blood, and his actions matter. Knowing that he is worth something of value and that he has a reason to move forward and try can often be enough to provide the breakthrough necessary to move forward.

Our Program Overview

Throughout the drug treatment program, your son will learn life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. He will work on individual academic goals, and be mentored by a member of the Ozarks Teen Challenge team. Through wilderness therapy and leadership training, your son will come to build self-confidence, independence, a broader scope of knowledge, and build friendships along the way.

Each day begins with prayer, includes discipleship classes, and provides time for recreational therapy, and phone calls home. We also give the boys an opportunity to choose their own activity throughout the day, and include academic work regularly.

Choosing Faith-Based Drug Treatment

Choosing a boarding school with rehab treatment can be a difficult choice, but we at Ozarks believe that by incorporating prayer and Christian teachings into our program, we offer something truly unique to those in need. When your son graduates from our program and transitions home, he will have learned life skills to build a life and career, but also learned about his personal worth, and built a relationship with God. For more information on Ozarks Teen Challenge and our drug treatment program, contact us today. You can also visit us online to see an example of what daily life looks like at the school, read FAQ’s, and learn more about 5-phase drug treatment system.

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