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Drug Treatment: Underlying Issues That Can Lead to Addiction

Issues that Can Lead to Needing Drug Treatment

While the science of addiction is still emerging, it is evident that emotional turmoil, family history, and environmental issues can play a role in your teen boy’s experimentation with substance abuse or other addictive behaviors. If you are noticing signs of substance abuse in your teen, then maybe it’s time to consider a drug treatment program for them. Ozarks Teen Challenge is especially helpful not only for boys with substance abuse problems, but also for boys struggling with chronic low self-esteem, truancy, poor sexual habits, and more, which often accompany substance abuse.

Signs that your teen may be in need of drug treatment include odd sleeping hours, noticeable irritability, self-isolation, and a retreat from regular social interaction. If you’re noticing these signs, then it’s time to talk with your teen about what he may be struggling with. Often teens will turn to substances and poor behavior because they are unable to cope with some kind of issue. Here we look at some potential underlying causes of addiction and what you can do to help your teen on the road to recovery.

Emotional Issues

It is well-documented and understood that teens experience a significant rush of hormones through their adolescence. This increased surge of hormones not only helps them mature into adulthood, but it can also cause wild fluctuations in their mood. Without proper emotional support, it can be difficult for your teen boy to deal with whatever issues may be on his mind.

It is extremely important to maintain regular, open communication with your teen during this period to ensure that they feel safe expressing themselves openly rather than turning to drugs.

Hereditary Issues

There is some evidence to show that an inclination toward addictive behavior is hereditary, meaning that it runs in the family. If this is the case, then you may have already noticed that your teen has a tendency to develop compulsive habits or habits which may be harmful. Keep a close eye on your teen’s behavior to determine if he displays this tendency.

Because there’s nothing you can do to affect your teen’s DNA, your best option here is to ensure that he feels comfortable discussing his issues or expressing himself through creative outlets. By giving him something to do in place of his compulsions, you can help him channel his energy into more productive outlets, thus preventing the need for drug treatment.


Certain issues in the home environment can predispose your teen to addictive behaviors. If your family is experiencing economic hardship, then your teen may not understand how to appropriately respond to a reduced allowance or a change in household practices. If he feels like the family’s hardship is being taken out on him, then he’s more likely to resort to unhealthy behaviors like substance abuse. Other events like moving to a new house, neighborhood, or town can really upset your teen’s behaviors.

Drug Treatment with Ozarks Teen Challenge

Ozarks Teen Challenge presents troubled teen boys with drug treatment through education and mentorship. Their days will be amply occupied with worship, instruction, activities, and more, leaving them little time to resort to substance abuse or other addictions. Because your teen will be among his peers, he will learn to adapt to a social life free from harmful substances. If you suspect that your teen may be struggling and needs drug treatment, call the Ozarks Teen Challenge today.

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