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Essential Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Behavioral Therapy: Techniques and Practices

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we know that beating addiction takes time and patience, requiring individuals to reassess their lifestyles, beliefs, and ways-of-thought. This is why our drug treatment programs center on behavioral therapy, which aims to change an individual’s attitudes and behaviors and increase the likelihood of a full recovery. Behavioral therapy can take many different forms, and to give you a better understanding of this kind of treatment, we’ve laid out some of the most common techniques.

#1: Teaching Coping Strategies

In addiction recovery programs, behavioral therapy aims to teach individuals ways to cope with anger, stress, anxiety, and depression. In the past, addicts turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with these negative emotions, but behavioral therapy works to realign these behaviors and teach people new ways to cope with negativity and adversity. By learning coping techniques, individuals are less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol in the future.

#2: Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy is a form of addiction therapy used to treat extreme cases of drug and alcohol addiction. The goal of aversion therapy works to dissuade someone from using a substance by coupling the substance with a negative stimulus. For example, if someone is an alcoholic, a therapist might administer a drug that induces nausea when mixed with alcohol. Whenever a person drinks, they will experience the negative side-effects, reducing their likelihood to drink in the future.

#3: Holistic Approach to Behavioral Therapy

Holistic therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that completely transforms an individual’s lifestyle by focusing on all four areas of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By completely realigning an individual’s attitudes and behavior, holistic therapy significantly decreases the chance of drug relapse. Some of the most common forms of holistic behavioral therapy including wilderness therapy and Christian recovery programs. In these programs, an individual forms a relationship with nature or God, completely changing their attitudes and beliefs. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we take a holistic approach to drug treatment which is one of the reasons why our programs are so effective.

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At Ozarks Teen Challenge, our holistic, faith-based approach to drug treatment transforms the lives of teens battling addiction. Our wilderness and recreational therapy focuses on physical health, while our Christ-centered teachings and guiding mentors improve teens’ mental, emotional, and spiritual health. After completing our holistic behavioral therapy programs, teens are significantly less likely to return to drugs and alcohol. To learn how our behavioral therapy programs can help your child, contact us today!

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