The Evolution of Drug Treatment

Drug Treatment Changes Over the Years

Ever since Adam and Eve broke their pact with God and ate from the forbidden tree, people have wanted to shut off their minds and numb the pain of life with different forms of drug use. The Bible mentions alcohol and alludes to the sin of abusing it throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament. Drug treatment has not existed in name for as long as substance abuse, but the last few hundred years have helped treatment programs catch up. In this Ozarks Teen Challenge blog, we look at the change in perspective on drug treatment over the last few centuries.

Earliest forms of Drug Treatment

Up until recent history, people have considered drug and alcohol abuse as character flaws. When someone fell into addiction, society treated them as an outcast and considered them morally corrupt and sinful. The Bible does consider drunkenness a sin, but people took things a little extreme until about the 18th century.

Detoxification and drug treatment programs often resembled torture, and people felt that withdrawal should be as painful as possible to punish alcoholics. However, opiates were not seen as dangerous. During the Victorian Era in the United Kingdom, a large percentage of the population frequented opium dens.

People Began to See Addiction as More than Just a Sin

In 1849, a Swedish doctor by the name of Magnus Huss first described alcoholism as a disease. Most people didn’t think of the addictive properties of alcohol and drugs before this time. Within the next few decades, asylums popped up around the United States with the intent of treating alcoholism and addiction.

By 1939, Alcoholics  Anonymous started. For the first time, people could go to meetings and form a community where people could support one another in their addiction recovery. By the 1960s people began to look at alcoholism as a disease that should be treated. Different groups advocated for federal money going to research the problem, and for health insurance to cover alcoholism treatment.

Modern Treatment

Although intoxication and putting a substance above your relationship with God is sinful, we no longer see addicts as moral degenerates. Medical advancements have helped us understand how behavioral issues, trauma, and mood disorders can lead to illicit drug use.

The drug treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge focuses on not only detoxification but altering the lifestyle of individuals. Addiction alters the mind and warps abusers’ outlooks. It’s much too complex of an issue to simply classify someone as morally inferior because they use drugs.

These days, drug treatment programs come in many different forms. Some use medication, some rely more on therapy, and some also add a religious approach. Programs now treat people humanely.

Get Drug Treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge

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