Faith Based Teen Therapy With Ozarks Teen Challenge: Discovering God’s Will with Servant Leadership

Developing servant leadership with our teen therapy program.

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved God. He was always eager to step up and serve in any way he could. He consistently volunteered to organize church events, community service projects and organized meals. He was personable and engaged in the lives of others. Everyone in the church and community knew his name and thought of him as a zealous follower of Christ and an example for other believers. On the outside, he was the “ideal Christian.” But on the inside, he was fearful, impulsive and self-motivated.

The man in this story isn’t just a made up character for example’s sake. It is in fact, Peter in the early years of his ministry. Through Peter’s example, we can learn a lot about servant leadership and how it applies to our teen therapy program.

As Peter’s relationship with Christ grew and blossomed, he was transformed from the fearful, impulsive and self-motivated man that he once was, into an authoritative, humble believer who served with humility, grace and consistency. His deep faith and commitment to Christ changed his heart into that of a servant leader, allowing him to forget his selfish ambitions and instead focus on the needs of others.

As we reflect on the life of Peter, it’s important to remember that Jesus was the ultimate servant leader because he submitted to the will of his Father and gave His life so that we could live. As Matthew 20:28 says, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”

How do we develop servant leadership in our teen therapy program?

Even though he lived many, many years ago, we can still look at Peter’s life as a guide for what servant leadership should look like in our own lives. The life of a troubled teen is often a selfish one, focused on “my needs,” “my wants” and “my desires.” Our teen therapy program for troubled teens encourages students to break out of that trend and instead, seek vision, purpose and integrity within their lives and pursue the needs of others. This requires faithful obedience to God’s word and a readiness and willingness to serve others.

Our teen therapy program provides your son with the opportunity to serve others in the community with Phase 3 of our five phase program for teen therapy. Phase 3 is focused on servant leadership and incorporates a local monthly service activity for each student. These service activities include volunteering with Convoy of Hope in Springfield, Jesus is Homeless in Branson, and other activities such as helping the elderly with outdoor work or moving needs. Our Phase 3 also offers students the opportunity to participate in missions trips and our Emerging Leaders Program. By participating in this aspect of our teen therapy program, troubled teens begin to develop the attitude and servanthood that Christ displayed during His own life. Such characteristics of servant leaders include:

  • A readiness to serve
  • Self-control
  • Humility
  • The ability to submit to others
  • Consistency
  • Putting others before yourself

Not only are all of these things important life skills to have, but they will also prepare your son’s heart and mind for a life of service with Jesus Christ. Contact us today to find out more about our teen therapy program or for more details on how to enroll your teen in Ozarks Teen Challenge.