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Frequently Asked Questions About ​Wilderness Therapy Programs

Find out how wilderness therapy programs contribute to the recovery of troubled teens.

Wilderness therapy programs might sound a little odd at first, but when you think about how spiritually and emotionally fulfilling it can be to simply walk in the woods, you might begin to get the idea. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, the youth in our care will do more than just stroll through the woods. They will enjoy team sports, learn long lasting survival skills, take part in recreational activities and bond with peers.

Due to the novelty of the program, we get many questions regarding what our wilderness therapy program entails, how it helps, and where it takes place. Today we want to help clear up some of these queries.

What Will My Son Be Doing in Your Wilderness Therapy Program?

This will depend on the location of the program, but teens will have the ability to take part in fishing trips, camping trips, mission trips, sports events, hiking excursions, and team half-marathon runs.

Why Is This Part of Your Curriculum?

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we have been working with teen boys long enough to know that they have an abundance of energy. When that energy is wasted, problems can occur, both physically and emotionally. Not only do wilderness therapy programs give teens a positive outlet for this energy, it also fosters healthy living.

Where Do These Activities Take Place?

Our wilderness therapy programs take place in a few different areas, and the location will depend on the task at hand. For fishing, our Christian boarding school staff and students head over to Table Rock Lake, near Table Rock State Park. For hiking and camping, the boys will be in the Ozark Mountains. No matter their location, our trained and capable staff are there to keep everybody safe during the scheduled activities.

How Do Marathons Help the Rehabilitation Process?

Addiction is a huge beast to overcome, and it can seem impossible at times, especially to a teenage boy. Giving these teens the task of running a half-marathon as a team provides an obtainable goal that seems too big to accomplish, but becomes easier and easier as they train. Working together creates friendships, and reaching the finish line makes other “impossible goals” seem far more possible.

The Ozarks Teen Challenge wilderness therapy program opens doors for higher self esteem, relationship with God, relationship with others, an introduction to healthy living, and an escape from the reminders of what they have left behind to be part of our teen rehab program. We are proud of every small success these boys have, and one of the places we begin to see this most is through our wilderness therapy program.

For more information on Ozarks Teen Challenge and our various programs, contact us today.

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