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What Makes Teen Rehab So Hard?

The Challenge of Teen Rehab

Addiction is a major hurdle for anyone, no matter their age. But, at Ozark Teen Challenge, we know the unique issues that come from teen rehab. We offer some advice on what kind of obstacles to expect if you’re teenage son resists help, and reassure you that we have the experience, expertise and faith to get them through our teen rehab program.

Addiction is a Way of Life

When most people imagine a drug addict or an alcoholic, they tend to picture someone older, broken down and set in their ways. This tends to be because many addicts become more obviously, visibly damaged by their addiction is they get older, which leads to the idea that being set in their ways will make it harder to recover.

However, teenage addicts can be just as difficult as someone who has lived with an addiction for years. Addiction is powerful and teens, just like any other abusers, are often resistant to change. The instant reward of their substance has become a way of life and the threat of having it taken away overtakes the risk to their health and relationships. One of the biggest goals of teen rehab is to break this routine.

The Looming Threat of Withdrawal

One of the hardest parts of teen rehab or any kind of addiction recovery is the supply being cut off. Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the substance, but they are no less frightening and painful to the addict, who has come to rely completely on their addiction.

Through our teen rehab program, we use our experience to instill faith that God will guide the addict through the rough process of withdrawal. We will be there through the toughest times to remind them that they’re under the guidance of the Lord, and that, eventually, the reward for kicking their habit will be greater than any previous rush they’ve had.

Confronting the Causes

In some cases, an addict has come to rely on their drug or drink of choice because of a deeper emotional or spiritual problem. Their addiction is a crutch or an escape from this issue, helping them escape a poor self image, a loss of hope or a loss of faith. In going through teen rehab and shaking off their addiction, it’s important that they understand the reasons why they became addicted in the first place and repair the damage that’s been done.

Ozark Teen Challenge tackles this by showing our teens the path to God and a Christ-like life of dedication and purity. Finding the light in themselves again will help them to realise their own self-worth and understand that they don’t need whatever it is they were poisoning themselves with to find fulfillment.

Our Teen Rehab Mentors Are Here For You

If you have a teenage son who is struggling with addiction, Ozark Teen Challenge is here to help. By taking part in our teen rehab program, your son will find themselves again and you can be sure that, together, you can repair your relationship with God as a family.

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