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Making the Transition to a Boys’ Boarding School

Transitioning from Traditional Schooling to a Boys’ Boarding School

Joining a boys’ boarding school can be an intimidating experience. Moving away from home, making new friends, and keeping up with schoolwork is certainly a challenge, but once you get settled, it can be a lot of fun. As a boys’ boarding school, Ozarks Teen Challenge knows the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment. Here, we discuss some ways to make the transition a little easier.

Get Involved

Making new friends is a sure way to transition smoothly into boys’ boarding school. Joining school activities will help you expand your social circle, give you an opportunity to have some fun, and take your mind off any homesickness you may experience. Whether you decide to join a club, a sports’ team, a study group, or a religious organization, getting involved in an extracurricular activity gives you the chance to meet like-minded people.

Stay in Contact with Some Old Friends

While you are making new friends, you can always stay in contact with old ones. This will remind you of home, take your mind off school, and make your transition a little easier. Just keep in mind that you should only stay in contact with positive influences. Many students join Ozarks Teen Challenge for drug treatment and behavioral therapy. This is your chance to cut out any friends who pressure you into negative, destructive behavior. When you talk with old friends, make sure they support your sobriety and the changes you are making.

Focus on Your Goals

Transitioning into boys’ boarding school is much easier when you have a goal in mind. Whether it is getting sober, changing your lifestyle, or improving your grades, determine what you hope to get out of your experience. Whenever you are feeling down or missing home, just remember what you hope to accomplish.

Bring Something to Remind You of Home

At a boarding school, homesickness is almost inevitable. Being away from home for the first time is a huge adjustment and you may find yourself missing your family and friends. To make things a little easier, bring something that reminds you of home. Whether it is a picture of your family, an old blanket, or your favorite sweatshirt, small tokens of home will make your dorm feel more comfortable and help ease you into your new environment.

Contact a Boy’s Boarding School

Located in the Branson, Missouri area, Ozarks Teen Challenge is a boys’ boarding school dedicated to helping young men reach their fullest potential. Our program focuses on drug treatment and behavioral therapy, taking a Christ-centered, holistic approach to rehabilitation. To learn more about our program, contact us today!


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