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Narcotics Anonymous Versus Faith-Based Drug Treatment

Should I Enroll My Son in NA or a Faith-Based Drug Treatment Program?

If your son is struggling with drug addiction, you may be weighing several different options. You want to make sure your son gets effective drug treatment from individuals who care and want to see your teen succeed. A couple of the most common options are enrolling your teen in a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) program, or a boys boarding school. It can be difficult to choose which type of program is right for you and your family. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we are here to help you with this very tough decision.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, is a non-profit organization that focuses on the complete abstinence from all drugs. This typically involves individuals who have a desire to stop using drugs and meet regularly to provide support for drug abstinence. This group is not affiliated with any political, religious, or law enforcement group.

Through the support of a sponsor, teens are able to work toward a life without drugs and discover how to empower each other to overcome addictions. Although this program is not religious it is, in a sense, spiritual. It helps guide you through your addictions using your own beliefs, but does not endorse any religion.

What is a Faith-Based Drug Treatment Program?

Like Narcotics Anonymous, faith-based drug treatment programs also aim to help teens with drug abstinence. However, this type of treatment focuses on Christ-centered programs that work to develop teens mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through the Word of God, faith-based drug treatment programs help your son grow into the man he was created to become. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, our Bible-based drug treatment programs are tailored to the unique needs of your teens and help your teen build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Which One is Right for My Son?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which program is right for your son. However, if you are looking for a Christian teen drug treatment program that values integrity, compassion, stewardship, faith, and servanthood, look no further than Ozarks Teen Challenge. We are dedicated to helping your teen grow and develop through the Word of God.

Contact Ozarks Teen Challenge Today To Get Started

If you are interested in our programs at Ozarks Teen Challenge, contact us by phone at 417-272-3784. We offer 15-month Christian drug and behavioral programs that are unique to the individual needs of your son. We look forward to helping transform your son’s life through our Christ-centered programs!

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