Our Teen Therapy Resource Blog provides parents with the information and advice they need to cope and deal with the issues that arise from raising a troubled teen. We know how difficult the decision to enroll your son can be, but we want you to feel comfortable knowing that Ozarks Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered teen program with a heart to introduce your son to the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Christ.

Take a moment to browse our blog and learn more about the heart and mission of our staff as well as our 5 phase system, read about the different aspects of our teen therapy program including discipleship and mentoring, wilderness therapy, or learn about family support and the dangers of enabling. We hope you find our resource blog both informative and engaging as you navigate the ins and outs of our teen therapy program.

Whether you have a friend struggling to find a solution to help her troubled teen or you’re searching for a therapeutic boarding school to help your son, you’ll find all the information you need and much more on our Teen Therapy Resource Blog.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call today to talk to a member of our staff. We would love to answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you.


The Importance of Mentorship at Our Christian Boarding School

Boys Holding Bible at a Christian Boarding School

If you’re interested in learning more about the mentorship program at our Christian boarding school, contact Ozarks Teen Challenge. Ozarks Teen Challenge offers boys a chance to learn life skills, build self-confidence and nurture a personal relationship with the Lord. As a Christian boarding school, our teachings and practices are...

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Drawbacks of Short-Term Behavioral Therapy Options

Behavioral Therapy in Head Silhouette

If you’re curious about the difference between long-term and short-term behavioral therapy, we explain the differences here. Ozarks Teen Challenge offers a long-term solution to addiction and behavioral issues with your teen. We provide this support through a 15-month program, which promotes healing and growth in the areas of the...

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Benefits of Behavior Therapy Group Mentoring

Men’s biblical group counseling

If you’re curious about what your son may experience at OTC, behavior therapy group mentoring is a big part of it. One of the most powerful tools that your teen will experience at Ozarks Teen Challenge is behavior therapy group mentoring. Mentoring in a group setting facilitates meaningful and thought-provoking...

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Drug Treatment Basics: Risk Factors for Alcohol Abuse

Drug treatment for alcohol abuse

If you are looking for a drug treatment program with proven positive outcomes, consider investing in Ozarks Teen Challenge. Alcohol is the leading drug of choice among the youth in the U.S. Underage drinking is an epidemic that has claimed the lives of an astounding number of adolescents through the...

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Ozarks Teen Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction

Addictions addressed at ozarks teen challenge

If you want to help your teen, consider investing in Ozarks Teen Challenge. Addiction is an incredibly complex issue. Most who suffer with it don’t really understand it, and their loved ones don’t typically have any experience with it. Dispelling misinformation and proceeding with an educated perspective on addiction are...

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Faith-Based Recovery Services??

In a world where scandal, violence, and tragedy are commonplace, it’s not surprising that most of us have become skeptical and distrusting.  Words that used to bring unity and comfort, like family and faith, have become polarizing issues.  Even the title of this blog will carry different meanings based on...

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Teen Rehab and Cannabis Dependency

teen rehab for marijuana addiction

If you are concerned about your son, teen rehab may be your next step. If your teen is smoking Marijuana, he may seem to grow more and more distant from being the son you’ve always known. Grades may slip as a result of decreased focus or from missing classes. He...

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