Our Teen Therapy Resource Blog provides parents with the information and advice they need to cope and deal with the issues that arise from raising a troubled teen. We know how difficult the decision to enroll your son can be, but we want you to feel comfortable knowing that Ozarks Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered teen program with a heart to introduce your son to the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Christ.

Take a moment to browse our blog and learn more about the heart and mission of our staff as well as our 5 phase system, read about the different aspects of our teen therapy program including discipleship and mentoring, wilderness therapy, or learn about family support and the dangers of enabling. We hope you find our resource blog both informative and engaging as you navigate the ins and outs of our teen therapy program.

Whether you have a friend struggling to find a solution to help her troubled teen or you’re searching for a therapeutic boarding school to help your son, you’ll find all the information you need and much more on our Teen Therapy Resource Blog.

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Boot Camp vs. Juvenile Rehabilitation

You have come to a breaking point. You have done everything that you know to do, nothing has helped. He was kicked out school. He keeps running off at all hours and comes home reeking of alcohol. He is not the perfect child you always imagined. Military school will not...

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Teen Depression | Ozarks Teen Challenge

Defining Depression Depression…”is a disease,” “is a choice,” “is real.” These are the top three suggestions when you type “depression is” into a Google search.  This shows just how much confusion exists within our society regarding depression.  Merriam – Webster’s dictionary defines it as a serious medical condition in which...

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Ten Signs of Addiction in Troubled Teens

Addiction is a physical or mental dependence on a behavior or substance that a person feels powerless to stop. Addictions can manifest in many different ways.  Teenagers, especially, are a vulnerable population group for falling into the cycle of addiction.  Normal adolescent development such as the need to belong, becoming more...

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Valley of Dry Bones – Hope for the Future

In Ezekial 37, we are taken to a scene that is completely desolate…scattered with broken reminders of life that has long since past.  The prophet Ezekial is taken into the middle of a valley with thousands of dry bones scattered within it.  He walks among these bones and is, I am...

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Teen Drug Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

Movies, video games, television shows, and popular music, all are examples of avenues through which teens are inundated with glamorized images of drug and illegal substance use. According to a recent content analysis, alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs are present in 70% of prime time network dramatic programs, 38 out...

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My Teen is in Rehab…Now What?

Anxiety, stress, worry, anger, & fear…these are the constant companions of the parents of addicted or extremely defiant teens.  Worry and fear that their teen may permanently harm himself or others.  Constant stress and anxiety over the angry battles that inevitably result from confronting their dangerous behaviors.  Mourning the loss of...

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Couch to 5K – Home of Hope 5K Training

Let’s start training!!!! The Home of Hope Family 5K Run/Walk is on July 18th @ 8 am on the Branson Landing.  We are looking forward to seeing you there and our students and families appreciate your support and prayers more than you know.  Since many of our guys have been...

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Local Pastors Invest in Discipleship of Troubled Teens

Ozarks Teen Challenge has recently been blessed by the ministry of several local pastors who are investing in the discipleship of our troubled teens.  Pastors from  Emmaus Church in Springfield, MO and Lifesong Church in Reed Springs, MO have committed to sharing devotional sermons with our guys on a monthly...

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Fighting the New Drug – Teen Sexual Addiction

In recent years, the types of calls that centers like Ozarks Teen Challenge receive has been shifting.  Are we still getting calls about drug and alcohol addiction? Yes, but a new drug has entered the arena.  And this new drug is as addictive as any other, is destroying the fabric...

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