Our Teen Therapy Resource Blog provides parents with the information and advice they need to cope and deal with the issues that arise from raising a troubled teen. We know how difficult the decision to enroll your son can be, but we want you to feel comfortable knowing that Ozarks Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered teen program with a heart to introduce your son to the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Christ.

Take a moment to browse our blog and learn more about the heart and mission of our staff as well as our 5 phase system, read about the different aspects of our teen therapy program including discipleship and mentoring, wilderness therapy, or learn about family support and the dangers of enabling. We hope you find our resource blog both informative and engaging as you navigate the ins and outs of our teen therapy program.

Whether you have a friend struggling to find a solution to help her troubled teen or you’re searching for a therapeutic boarding school to help your son, you’ll find all the information you need and much more on our Teen Therapy Resource Blog.

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Grief and Teen Substance Abuse

Grief and teen substance abuse are oftentimes co-occuring conditions. There are many reasons for this and we will explore some of them, but let’s take a moment to think back to when you were a teenager: emotions fluctuating moment to moment, hormones raging, that feeling of invincibility, living for the...

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Life Skills for Teen Development and Rehabilitation

  There is not a defined set of life skills that is determined to be the most effective for every person. The environment, coping methods, and regimen of one person, may not work for another. With that in mind, we hope to show our teens how to create and sustain a...

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What is Wilderness Therapy?

Wilderness therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation for at-risk youth that suffer from a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. Adolescence can be a very confusing time; and as the transition from childhood to adulthood progresses, so does the search for their identity. They seek to strengthen their...

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19 Day Challenge – Partner with Us in Prayer

Global Teen Challenge hosted its 2015 Prayer Summit this month and we at Ozarks Teen Challenge were honored to join them. For this year’s Prayer Summit, they issued a “19 Day Challenge” to everyone involved with this event. This challenge is an opportunity for Teen Challenge to corporately set apart...

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Teen Addicton-Don’t Battle Alone

The 2007 movie, “300” depicts a version of the Battle of the pass of Thermopylae, in which 300 Spartans stand their ground for 3 days against the entire Persian army. Their brave sacrifices serve to protect and inspire their countrymen enabling them to later rally, defeating the Persians, despite overwhelming...

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Do I Enable? – 7 Characteristics of an Enabler

1. Consistently blames self: “If I were a better parent/grandparent/friend, my loved one wouldn’t be doing this.” 2. Changes the environment to accommodate the person with the problem. “Let’s change schools and get our child away from those troublemakers.” 3. Shields their loved one from consequences. Lies, makes excuses for,...

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