Our Teen Therapy Resource Blog provides parents with the information and advice they need to cope and deal with the issues that arise from raising a troubled teen. We know how difficult the decision to enroll your son can be, but we want you to feel comfortable knowing that Ozarks Teen Challenge is a Christ-centered teen program with a heart to introduce your son to the life-changing power of a personal relationship with Christ.

Take a moment to browse our blog and learn more about the heart and mission of our staff as well as our 5 phase system, read about the different aspects of our teen therapy program including discipleship and mentoring, wilderness therapy, or learn about family support and the dangers of enabling. We hope you find our resource blog both informative and engaging as you navigate the ins and outs of our teen therapy program.

Whether you have a friend struggling to find a solution to help her troubled teen or you’re searching for a therapeutic boarding school to help your son, you’ll find all the information you need and much more on our Teen Therapy Resource Blog.

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Recreation Therapy Programs Build Self-Esteem

recreational therapy programs offer-communion-in-christ

Recreation Therapy Programs: Camping Builds Confidence Learning skills is fundamental to building confidence and self-esteem. Drug addiction often stems from low confidence and low self-esteem. Peer pressure has a greater effect on those who think less of themselves. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe in building the self-esteem in our...

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Ozark Teen Challenge Debunks Boys Boarding School Myths

prayer-at-our boys boarding school

Myths About Boys Boarding Schools Debunked From Catcher in the Rye to the Dead Poets Society, modern American books and films have portrayed a strict and specific image of what boys boarding schools are. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we run a therapeutic Christian boarding school devoted to helping boys develop...

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Why Choose a Christian Boarding School over a Secular Boarding School?

Christian Boarding School Cross

Christian Boarding School vs. Secular Boarding School With so many different youth programs and options for behavioral therapy and drug treatment programs, it’s difficult to know how to decide, let alone, how to even begin narrowing down your available options! Here at Ozarks Teen Challenge, we understand how difficult it...

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Signs Your Teen Needs Drug Treatment

Teen who needs drug treatment

When You Need to Get Your Teen Drug Treatment As a parent, it can be extremely difficult knowing when your teen needs help. No parent wants to overreact with extreme suspicion, but if you think your teen is struggling with a drug problem, it’s important to know that you are...

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Teen Rehab: The Importance of Faith

Faith is important for teen rehab

The Importance of Faith in the Teen Rehab Process For many, faith in God is a source of strength, hope, and perseverance. Whether it gives us the wisdom to tactfully bandage a relational wound or to finally face a deep personal scar, faith in our sovereign, loving Father is sometimes...

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Wilderness Therapy Programs: How Fishing Helps Facilitate Strategic Thinking

Fishing wilderness therapy with young teen and older man

Fishing Skills Through Wilderness Therapy Encourages Strategic Thinking Wilderness therapy programming is a key element of rehabilitation at Ozarks Teen Challenge.  Our wilderness therapy programs, which move student residents out-of-doors to engage in nature-related activities have been shown to broaden the student’s horizons by taking them out of their comfort...

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The Importance of Trust Building in Teen Rehab

Teen rehab group of male hands in trust

How Trusts Affects Your Son in Teen Rehab Successful relationships, in any venue, are built upon a foundation of mutual trust and respect. The relationship between a troubled teenager and a parent or teen rehab mentor is no different.  Establishing trust at the beginning of a mentoring relationship with a...

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Boys Boarding School: The Benefits of One-On-One Tutoring

boys boarding school tutoring

Boys Boarding School Offers Several Tutoring Benefits When a young man’s social behavior is indicative of substance abuse or other involvement that may require drug treatment or behavioral interventions, often there is a decline in academics, if not abandonment of learning altogether. As a Christian boys boarding school, Ozarks Teen...

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