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Ozarks Teen Challenge: Benefits of Mission Trips

The Advantages Mission Trips During Ozarks Teen Challenge Provide

A few times a year, we have the opportunity for a few of our students to embark on a mission trip. Traveling anywhere from New York to Haiti, these excursions allow the boys to get a break from their established routine while also gaining an array of benefits. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we strive to give our students the chance to attend these special trips as they can serve as a life-changing event for all parties involved. We decided to share a few of the many advantages that going on a mission trip during your stay at our boys boarding can school provides.

A Chance to See the World

Everybody loves to travel. Unfortunately, many of our students at Ozarks Teen Challenge do not get frequent chances to adventure around the world. Our mission trips grant the boys that ability. Having visited areas like Haiti, California, West Virginia and New York, there’s never a shortage of sites to see. These journeys provide the opportunity to see places many of our students have always dreamed of visiting.

An Opportunity to Experience New Cultures

As we mentioned before, our service trips have taken us to all sorts of places throughout the U.S. and overseas. Each visit provides our students with a new opportunity to observe and learn about the many cultures throughout the world. This allows our boys to expand their minds and become familiar with new experiences. Furthermore, some of the places we visit put into perspective how fortunate our lives are back at home, which encourages the attendees of Ozarks Teen Challenge to stay on track with their goals.

A Place to Share Experiences

As we travel on our mission trips, our ultimate goal is to provide service to those in need and educate them about the word of God. These mission trips allow the boys of Ozarks Teen Challenge to share their journey to freedom from addiction and a relationship with Christ with the many people they meet. They also share some of the methods they have used to overcome their difficulties. By doing this, our students get to witness how their own lives can help shape other people’s throughout the world.

Contact Ozarks Teen Challenge for More About Our Trips

The mission trips at Ozarks Teen Challenge are more than just a mere vacation; they’re an opportunity to travel the world, learn new things and teach others about how a life can change during teen rehab. There is much to be gained from these life-changing visits, and we’re glad to be able to provide them to our hard-working boys boarding school students. For more information, contact us at 417-272-3784.

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