Ozarks Teen Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction

If you want to help your teen, consider investing in Ozarks Teen Challenge.

Addiction is an incredibly complex issue. Most who suffer with it don’t really understand it, and their loved ones don’t typically have any experience with it. Dispelling misinformation and proceeding with an educated perspective on addiction are important ways to get a handle on the issue, whether it’s you who is struggling with addiction or a loved one. Ozarks Teen Challenge is here to help you do just that by answering some of the most common questions:

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a brain disease characterized by drug craving, seeking and use that persist even through troubling consequences.

How do I know if someone close to me has an addiction to drugs or alcohol?

The most powerful indication that a loved one is addicted to a controlled or illegal substance is that they continue use of the substance in spite of negative consequences. Drug and alcohol use can have negative effects on your teen. Grades can drop, and your teen’s attitude toward you can change. Your teen could become less reliable and even sneaky. If you know that your teen has a relationship with drugs or alcohol, you should definitely consider the possibility of a battle with addiction. Your teen is probably in need of drug treatment. Ozarks Teen Challenge may be the place for him.

How quickly can my teen become addicted?

Different people’s vulnerability to addiction varies greatly depending on genetic makeup, environment, and experiences. One person may use drugs once and never again, but another may be triggered into a downward spiral by it.

Why do those who are drug-addicted keep using drugs?

Almost all who struggle with addiction believe that they can stop using on their own; however, few are able to successfully abstain for an extended period of time without drug treatment. Long-term drug use induces changes in the brain that continue long after a person stops using drugs. These changes affect behavior and the ability to control impulses.

What are the effects of drug use on my teen?

The adolescent’s brain is undergoing development and refinery into early adulthood. In his teenage years, your son still is in an immature neurocognitive and psychosocial stage of development. He still struggles to choose reason over impulse, and drug use can further affect his decision-making, judgment, planning and self-control. Also, studies show that earlier exposure to drugs or alcohol increases risk of addiction. Additionally, there are dangers of the actual influence of the substance on your teens when they use (impaired judgment and abilities).

How can I help my teen overcome addiction?

Your teen’s development keeps him in an impressionable phase during adolescence. You may think only his peers and social environments influence him, but the role of family still plays a large part.

Your support is crucial to the recovery of your teen, but you most likely don’t have the tools to work through the complexity of addiction. If you send your son to Ozarks Teen Challenge, he will receive the drug treatment he desperately needs to detox, work through withdrawals, and understand his addiction. He will undergo behavioral therapy to learn alternatives for impulsive actions, and we will teach him how to make better decisions. Your support will be a driving factor in his journey to recovery.

Why choose Ozarks Teen Challenge over regular rehab?

There is no magic number of time in drug treatment that cures addiction. However, research shows unequivocally that good results are contingent on adequate lengths of treatment. Generally, teen rehab is not offered for long stints. Whether residential or outpatient treatment, participation for less than 90 days has limited effectiveness and longer treatment increases likelihood of a positive outcome.

Ozarks Teen Challenge is not just a boarding school with rehab treatment; it is a Christian boarding school. Your son will receive drug treatment and behavioral therapy to deal with the practical recovery needed from addiction, but we also emphasize biblical principles and aim to develop him spiritually. It’s more than just a Christian boarding school for troubled teens. Ozarks Teen Challenge is equipped with the tools to deal with your teen’s drug addiction head on and provide the tools he needs to get clean.