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Ozarks Teen Challenge: Intervention Tips

Ozarks Teen Challenge: Intervention Tips

If you notice that your teen is behaving oddly and you suspect that they may be experimenting with drugs, then maybe it is time for you to consider an intervention. Interventions are powerful tools for helping someone who is struggling with addiction, and they may be especially powerful for teens because they are more impressionable at that age. An intervention gives you a way to impress upon them the resilience of yours and your family’s care for their wellbeing.

Not everyone is comfortable giving an intervention. Some people worry that they may seem confrontational or uncaring. Because Ozarks Teen Challenge provides drug treatment alongside faith-based education, we have learned a thing or two about helping teens recognize their addictions. We know that some parents considering Ozarks Teen Challenge for their teen boy may also be planning an intervention of some kind, so here we provide some tips for setting one up.

Bring The Right People

Who should be present at the intervention? There are a few things to consider here. In most cases, you should avoid having a large group present. About 6-8 people should do, and that may be too many in some cases. In order to decide who to bring along, you should think about people who have an immediate interest in your teen’s well-being. Family members who have a close-knit relationship with your teen or who have been affected by his addictive behaviors may be wise choices. However, remember that this is not the time for anyone to be airing any grievances, so pick people who will prioritize their love over any other feelings they may have toward your teen’s behavior.

Right Time, Right Place

Choosing a proper time for your intervention can be tricky if you don’t know your teen’s abuse habits. You want to pick a time where he is likely to be sober, which for many people is the morning. If your teen shows up under the influence, then he may be more likely to act out aggressively or remove himself from the space.

Choose a place that will not heighten the tension of the situation. The best place will probably be your home, but it is possible for your teen to lock himself in another room. Perhaps pick a room in the house that is away from bathrooms and your teen’s bedroom. Other options could be a church that your family attends or another family member’s home. Poor choices would include busy public spaces like coffee shops or parks.


Your teen’s response to the intervention is enough of a variable that you should make every preparation you can to ensure that it goes smoothly. This means holding rehearsals and having everyone prepare a script for what they want to say to your teen. This way everyone will be more comfortable for the intervention, and they’ll be better able to deal with any issues that may arise.

Choose Ozarks Teen Challenge for Teen Rehab

If your intervention goes well and your teen agrees to teen rehab with Ozarks Teen Challenge, then you’ve made a significant step toward helping them recover. If the intervention goes poorly, Ozarks Teen Challenge may still be able to help. We can offer a tour of our grounds and we can let your teen meet some of our students who’ve found relief from addiction with our program. Call or come visit Ozarks Teen Challenge today to help your teen on his road to recovery.

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