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A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose a Boarding School With Rehab Treatment

Boys Study Together at a Boarding School With Rehab Treatment

Why Should You Choose a Boarding School With Rehab Treatment?

When you send your child to a boarding school with rehab treatment, you choose a better life for your child. True, you have other options, like weekly rehab or outpatient care in a hospital, but a boarding school with rehab treatment and a curriculum focused on faith-based learning will help give your teenager a stronger base from which to form their new life without drugs. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we dedicate ourselves to not only providing drug treatment but also helping our boys grow in their relationship with Christ. Not all drug treatment programs can help your child do that as effectively.

Academic Curriculum

The academic portion of Ozarks Teen Challenge, known as the Ozarks Boys Academy, allows our boys to continue to pursue their high school diplomas. We do everything in our power to give your boys everything they need to graduate from high school. If they fulfill all requirements while in our program, they will receive a high school diploma. What’s even better, we build curriculums to fit each student’s needs. Since classes run the entire 15 months of the program, students stay on course with their classes. This way they can return to school without having to repeat a year.

We Create a Positive Community

Our boarding school with rehab treatment puts boys in an environment to interact with one another in positive ways. Each day we take time from our schedule to pray, do morning devotionals, give discipleship classes, and instruct our boys through recreation therapy. These activities give ample opportunity throughout the day for our boys to build strong bonds with each other while also nurturing their spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth. This community of peers will help boys stay strong in their relationship with the Lord. Not all rehabilitation centers will put your teen in such a positive environment for such a long time, and few focus on God’s grace, word, and power in the same way that we do at our boarding school with rehab treatment.   

We Base Everything We Do in The Lord’s Teaching

Everything we do, we do for the Lord. We impart this to our boys. We help them see that they must make themselves humble before Christ our Savior, and only through a strong relationship with Him can they conquer addiction. By focusing on faith, recreation, and behavioral therapy, we give our boys the best tools for renewing the life the Lord gave to them.

The Boarding School with Rehab Treatment for Your Child

If you believe our boarding school with rehab treatment might be right for your son, we urge you to contact us at Ozarks Teen Challenge today. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the ways we can help during this difficult time.

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