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Recreation Therapy Programs Build Self-Esteem

Recreation Therapy Programs: Camping Builds Confidence

Learning skills is fundamental to building confidence and self-esteem. Drug addiction often stems from low confidence and low self-esteem. Peer pressure has a greater effect on those who think less of themselves. At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe in building the self-esteem in our students to empower them to say no to drugs and other temptations. A huge part of our confidence building process relies on recreation therapy programs. With more than 200 acres at our disposal, we use camping as one of our primary recreation therapy programs.

Closer to Nature, Closer to God

Though this is a slight generalization, the staff at Ozarks Teen Challenge find it hard to sit under the stars and see the splendor of the earth without finding God in everything. Feeling His presence in our recreation therapy programs empowers our boys. What could give them greater confidence than to know the Architect of all of this is on their side? If he can create such a beautiful landscape and provide for all the living things in it, what can he do through them?

Building a Fire

During our outdoors recreational therapy programs, we teach our boys how to build a fire. This is an important life skill for anyone to have, and creation of any kind brings confidence. When you put something into the world, you have gain confidence and a belief that you can control some things in your life. Couple this confidence with deep fireside conversations about following the Lord, and you get teen rehab students growing in a positive direction!


All of us forget to stop and think at times. Camping gives the staff of our recreation therapy programs the time to not only mentor our boys but also give them space to reflect. By surrounded our boys with God’s bounty and after engaging them in Christian fellowship with fellow believers, we give them ample opportunity to reflect on their lives. This reflection builds character, helps them take stock of their accomplishments, and allows them to develop intimate communication with our Lord and Savior

Recreation Therapy Programs for Your Child

We are all His sheep. No matter what substance abuse problems your child has or what behavioral therapy or drug treatment he needs, your son is a child of God. With the right combination of prayer, communion, and life-building recreation therapy programs, he will be right on track for a beautiful life committed to our Savior. Contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today if you believe this therapy, confidence, and communion is right for your child.

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