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Signs Your Teen Needs Drug Treatment

When You Need to Get Your Teen Drug Treatment

As a parent, it can be extremely difficult knowing when your teen needs help. No parent wants to overreact with extreme suspicion, but if you think your teen is struggling with a drug problem, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Drug treatment may be a very real and viable option.

Here are a few signs in particular that you can watch for to help determine if your teen needs drug treatment at a place like Ozarks Teen Challenge, a Christian boarding school for troubled boys.

Signs to Look For:

Money is continually going missing.

Missing money is a sure sign that something is going on. Especially if it’s cash missing in amounts of 20’s. This is often a telltale sign that a teen has a problem with drugs and may need drug treatment.

He comes home with bloodshot, watery eyes, shaky hands, smelling of strange scents, or with pupils that are larger or smaller than usual.

All of the above are signs of potential drug use, so if this happens on a regular basis, you may need to sit down and talk with your son.

He spends a lot of time with other kids who are into drugs.

Many times, the type of people your son hangs out with is the type of person he will become. Teens often adopt the behaviors of those they spend the most time with, which could be a very dangerous thing if his friends are into drugs or alcohol. Take some time to get to know his friends by making your home an enjoyable and judgement-free zone for your son and his friends. This will give you a better idea of who he is spending most of his time with.

You have caught him in lies about where his allowance is going and what he has been up to.

All teens (and adults) lie, but consistent lies about where he is going, why his allowance keeps disappearing, and why he keeps missing curfew could be signs of a drug problem. If you think your son needs drug treatment, confront him about all the lies and let him know you are concerned. Instead of accusing him, just let him you know are open and available to hear from him.

His eating habits have suddenly changed drastically.

If your sun is not eating or eating way too much out of nowhere, drug treatment may be needed. Drug addiction is often coupled with massive changes in eating habits and can result in either extreme weight loss or weight gain.

He suddenly has trouble with physical coordination.

If your son is staggering around, slurring his words, or twitching uncontrollably, you certainly have cause for worry. These may be side effects of drug or alcohol abuse. We recommend talking to your son immediately. If this has been a chronic occurrence, we also recommending reaching out to Ozarks Teen Challenge for help.

There are countless physical and behavioral signs that may point to a dependence on drugs or alcohol, but these are just a few of the most noticeable and common ones.

Get the Drug Treatment He Needs at Ozarks Teen Challenge

If you feel that your son has a problem with drugs or alcohol, please contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today to learn more about our faith-based drug treatment program. We help teen boys with all kinds of addiction and behavioral issues transform their lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Let us help your son and your family to work through this.

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