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Teens Relapse after Drug Treatment For These Reasons (Part I)

Attending Bible Studies after Drug Treatment Reduces the Risk of Relapse

Common Reasons Why Teens Relapse after Drug Treatment

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we take your son’s health and wellbeing very seriously. We believe in a holistic approach to drug treatment. We cultivate a spiritual atmosphere grounded in prayer each morning, discipleship classes, and recreation therapy. When boys fall into substance abuse, they do so because they need to fill a void within them that only Christ can fill. We help them see this, and we help them work on their relationship with the Lord. Though this method of following His Word and embracing a relationship with Christ is the best path to recovery, some teens stumble after drug treatment. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for adolescents to wander away from the Lord, and we’ll discuss how to help them.

Loneliness & Isolation

All of our boys needs a solid relationship with the Lord, but they also need support from friends and family. This doesn’t mean they need to make friends or spend time with just anyone. The environment our boys find themselves in will greatly increase or decrease their chances of relapse. After they finish their drug treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge, boys can look for Bible studies and prayer groups. Friendships based on the Lord will help them stay focused on their goal and keep them in wholesome company, far away from drugs.

Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety, stress, and depression all push adolescents toward coping mechanisms. In the worst case scenarios, these coping mechanisms become drugs and trying drugs turns to substance abuse. We teach our boys healthier coping skills during their drug treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge, but they might still struggle with anxiety or stress. If they don’t remember to use their new coping strategies, they might relapse in order to escape their issues.

Returning to Social Situations with Drugs

If teens want to continue to walk with the Lord toward a healthier and more fulfilling life, they must stay away from the acquaintances and situations they found themselves in before going to teen rehab. If they put themselves in the same old situations, then they suffer a much higher risk of relapsing. Attending prayer meetings and small groups will help teens find new groups of people to spend time with. They should find social circles where people follow God’s word.

Drug Treatment at Ozarks Teen Challenge

At our drug treatment and teen rehab center, boys learn new skills to help them avoid relapsing and falling back into drug use, but they still need to stay on their guard. Follow our blog and look out for part II of this series to discover other common causes for relapse. In the meantime, feel free to browse our site and to check out the youth programs we have. If you believe your child could benefit from drug treatment, contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today.

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