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The Importance of Life Skills at Our Christian Boarding School

Our Christian boarding school teaches teens valuable life skills.

Things become difficult when your teen is acting poorly, being defiant and dealing with addiction. It can cause imbalances in social, mental, and physical functionality, and even cause lapses in what is deemed normal learned behavior. For this reason, we at Ozarks Teen Challenge feel that it is essential for boys to learn life skills while working toward recovery at our Christian boarding school.

Our Christian boarding school focuses not only on the physical aspect of rehabilitation, but the mind and the spirit as well. We understand the importance of learning and understanding life skills like cooking, cleaning, and even personal hygiene, which can easily get lost in the messiness of addiction and disorderly behavior.

Fitness and Nutrition at Our Christian Boarding School

One of the main life skills we focus on here at Ozarks Teen Challenge is that of fitness and nutrition. Taking care of the body helps to also take better care of the mind. Through our wilderness program and daily chore schedule, we are able to teach young men the importance of exercise, as well as how to better structure their time and plan for physical fitness throughout the day, while they work together with their peers to achieve these goals.

The kitchen coordinator at our Christian boarding school also takes the time to help with meal plan and prep, teaching the boys how to cook nutritious foods. Understanding the basics of cooking leads to a more balanced future in which teens are able to carry out chores at home, and one day live successfully on their own. We know that having a healthy body leads to higher levels of self-esteem, and this is beneficial to a successful recovery.

Social and Work Skills

Some simple skills, such as conversation and social awareness can also go amiss in the midst of addiction. Our Christian boarding school assists teen boys in building these social skills to become ready for working and socializing later in life. The teens are given opportunities to work together to overcome challenges and to volunteer for local charities and events. Serving at banquets and fundraisers gives teens the ability to harness professional attitudes and special skills that they may have otherwise missed out on. This is crucial to long term recovery and the graduation process, which will see each boy return home to a normal life at home once again.

If you or your teen are interested in learning more about Ozarks Teen Challenge, our Christian boarding school, and the life skills taught here, we invite you to contact us today! Our friendly staff is always happy to take your questions and walk you through our teen rehab process.

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