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The Youth Programs Offered By Ozarks Teen Challenge

Young man being tutored

Youth Programs Offered By Ozarks Teen Challenge

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer a variety of youth programs for young men seeking to recover from drug addiction, alcohol abuse and behavioral problems. These programs are designed to help young men get back on their feet as they enter adulthood. In today’s blog post, we want to take a look at a few of those youth programs and talk about how they can help your son get back on his feet.

Recreational Therapy

The recreational therapy program is a unique service offered at Ozarks Teen Challenge which helps teenagers develop positively through recreational sports and outdoor activities. We use this program to expose teenagers to a variety of spiritually, physically and emotionally challenging experiences, under the guidance of our experienced recreation therapists. Activities such as hiking, fishing and team sports can help teenagers develop life skills, communication skills and strong values.

Traditional talk therapy can be difficult for teenagers. Youth programs like recreational therapy offer an approach that can break down walls for teenagers who might not open up about their problems any other way.

Ozarks Boys Academy

The Ozarks Boys Academy is an educational youth program that includes personal one-on-one tutoring, video tutoring, customizable class curriculum, and self-paced classes. The program also offers year-long education and features field trips to places like Wilson’s Creek Battlefield, the Titanic Museum, and Table Rock Lake Dam.

Not only is it a great therapeutic program for young men, but your teenager can earn a certified high school diploma as a result of this academy.

Personal/Group Discipleship

Another youth program offered by Ozarks Teen Challenge is the personal/group discipleship classes and mentoring, which we believe are the backbone of our troubled teen rehabilitation program. While all of our programs include the Gospel, our discipleship program is centered on developing your son’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

Contact Ozarks Teen Challenges for Information on Youth Programs

Finding the right youth program for your son is difficult, especially if they are recovering from addiction or behavioral issues. For more information, give Ozarks Teen Challenges a call at (417) 272-3784 or contact us online today.

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