Tips to Maintaining Sobriety through Teen Rehab

Teen Rehab: Tips for Staying Sober

Getting sober is a tremendous achievement that deserves celebration. The determination and perseverance that is required in drug and alcohol recovery is staggering and to reach the finish line is truly a monumental achievement. However, finding sobriety is just the first step in your son’s journey toward recovery. Staying sober is the second step and it is the step that requires more sustainability. Your son will be tempted to relapse. That is a fact. Ozarks Teen Challenge wants to give you some tips for maintaining your sobriety through teen rehab.

Keep Better Company

One unique aspect of drug and alcohol recovery is the social aspect. Typically, substance abuse has a social starting point. Drinking usually starts in a social environment, perhaps at a party or club. The same can be said about drugs, as we hear the same narrative about the drug being passed around the room at the high school party.

With that being true, it is very important for your son to change his habits after graduating from teen rehab – and that includes who he hangs out with. That isn’t to say that he can’t be friends with those people anymore. But it does mean that they shouldn’t be the people he hangs out with the most, or perhaps at all. And maybe for him, that does mean that he needs to just change friends and start over. In certain situations, the influence his friends have on him can be the catalyst for a relapse. Making sure that he isn’t around people who don’t support your teen’s rehab is important.

Stay Away From Triggers

For each individual, triggers may look a lot different. It could be a road sign or a smell or even a person. Your son can’t avoid all triggers without becoming a hermit, but he can avoid places where these triggers are very prominent. For teens struggling with alcohol abuse, this means avoiding parties at all costs. Going to a party doesn’t force him to drink, but it will certainly tempt him to do so. And in a situation where all of his friends are likely drinking, he would be better off not being in that building.

This goes for less obvious places as well, such as dance clubs, concerts, or even just a certain friends house. These places may not be specifically known for alcohol or drugs, but they are a consistently present and prominent. He may be going to the club to dance with some friends, but he will most certainly be offered drinks throughout the night. And he may be going to that certain friend’s house to play video games, but he knows that friend uses drugs and may offer them to him. With teen rehab, staying clear of these situations is vital.

Ozarks Teen Challenge Can Help With Teen Rehab

Ozarks Teen Challenge exists to help with teen rehab. Our five-phase system for teen rehab and therapy will help your son get there. We know the pitfalls and dangers of staying sober and want to help you find your best path to maintaining sobriety. Contact us today at (417) 272-3784 or visit our website for more information.