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The Transition from Youth Programs

The Process of Transitioning from Youth Programs

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we offer help to families in need of a fresh start with their young men. Whether you’re dealing with behavioral issues or addiction, we believe that God has a greater purpose for your son, and we intend to help him reconnect with that purpose.

Our academy uses Bible-based teaching, physical activity, group counseling, and education to help restructure bad habits, fight addiction, and nurture the spirit. This process is completed through our 5-step youth programs, which ends with a transition home.

Going Home

While convincing your son to attend the Ozarks Teen Challenge may have been a difficult sell, many parents find that students are disappointed to leave the youth programs once the season has ended. At Ozarks, your son will have learned positive coping methods, built lasting friendships, and learned to have faith in himself and in God.

Fortunately, we never send boys home empty handed. Instead, we are constantly building them up for this point when they will head home and practice what they’ve learned. Through group discipleship and mentoring, as well as family support throughout the teen rehab process, your son will be fully equipped to leave our Christian boarding school and begin rebuilding his life.

Setting Him Up for Success

Before leaving our youth programs, we begin strategically lining up goals and expectations for life at home. We work alongside families to discuss past behavioral problems prior to teen rehab, and what rules will be followed at home.

Not only will your teen have learned about the unconditional love of the Lord and how to share that message with others, but he will have been taught practical life lessons to help him succeed in a career, build a future, and upkeep a home. From cooking and cleaning to personal hygiene, your son will be more confident, independent, and able.

Bringing the Youth Programs Home

We want to see every teen who passes through our doors succeed, and we know that most of that success will come from what he takes home with him following the youth programs. By setting educational, career, and family goals, your son will have a better idea of what he is able to accomplish and how to go about getting there. These personal goals help to promote confidence and clarity, reducing anxiety about the unknown.

He will also go home with a clear understanding of Christ’s message, and how he can live more in His likeness.

For more information about Ozarks Teen Challenge, our 5-step youth programs, or our Christian boarding school, please contact us today!

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