Understanding Addiction and Christian Boarding School Rehab

The basics of rehab at our Christian boarding school.

“Why can’t he just say no? Is there anything that can really turn his life around for good?”

Maybe you recognize these statements from a friend who has a troubled teen at home. Or maybe you’ve even found these statements floating around in your own mind. It’s not uncommon to feel hopeless or lost when if your son is struggling with behavioral issues or an addiction to drugs or pornography. But before you can take action, you must first understand addiction. Then you can consider how our Christian boarding school with rehab treatment may be able to help turn your son’s life around.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction isn’t just an issue of self-control – it’s a brain changer. According to the trusted nonprofit HelpGuide.org, “addiction changes the brain, first by subverting the way it registers pleasure and then by corrupting other normal drives such as learning and motivation.” Simply put, an addict doesn’t just crave that hit of drugs; they physically feel like they need it to maintain a certain level of normalcy.

The use of drugs or other physically rewarding activities that create feelings of pleasure cause a rush of dopamine to the brain, which in turn, creates a conditioned response to that activity. This makes it extremely difficult for an individual to resist the stimuli that cause the feelings of pleasure.

Christian Boarding School Treatment

Medical drug treatment programs, behavioral therapy and group counseling sessions are all ways to combat and beat addiction, but our Christian boarding school offers something more: a treatment for the soul.

The Ozarks Teen Challenge Christian boarding school and program for troubled teens is designed to not only pinpoint behavioral and addictive behaviors, but to draw out issues of the heart and offer a lasting and eternal alternative with the life-altering powers of a relationship with Christ.

As a Christian organization, we don’t deny or ignore the benefits of drug treatment, behavioral therapy and group counseling. In fact, we integrate those aspects of recovery into our 5 Phase System for teen rehab with a Christ-centered focus. Our youth programs utilize the power of discipleship, servant leadership and a Christian culture to address both the physical and spiritual needs of young men living at our Christian boarding school as they seek truth in a world saturated with lies.

The Ozarks Teen Challenge Christian boarding school for boys offers a life-changing alternative to traditional addiction, drug or behavioral teen rehab. Contact Ozarks Teen Challenge to learn more or read more about a typical day in our teen program.