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Welcome to Ozarks Teen Challenge Boys Academy. Where you will find much more than a juvenile rehabilitation program. Troubled teen and addiction rehabilitation involves restoration to an original state. We at Teen Challenge believe that God has a greater plan for your family. He intends to transform your son into the young man that he was created to be. Please browse the pages of this site with assurance that there is help for your troubled teen.  Our hope is that this simple assurance will change your outlook from one of pain and despair to HOPE, and that you’ll consider our program as an agent of blessing to your family.  Talk to our Admission Coordinator today and see how we at Teen Challenge can help your family. Also, take a look at the testimonies below to see How We Measure Success.

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Our Hope

Josh’s Testimony

Letter from a Parent

“Defiant. Disrespectful. Angry. Irresponsible. Selfish. Arrogant. User. Chaos. This was Sam in the summer of 2013. Our lives were consumed by trying to tweak the world to keep our son on the straight and narrow. Just as we had baby-proofed the house when he started to crawl, our time was spent “Sam proofing” our lives. He smashed lamps in anger, kicked holes in walls, dented refrigerators and made…”

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