3 Myths About Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy Myths Debunked

When it comes to behavioral therapy, there are many myths, facts and speculative conversations that surround the topic. If you’re just starting your research into reputable Christian boarding schools with drug rehab, it is wise to learn everything you can about a given institution’s methods and beliefs — especially if you are entrusting them with the care of your son!

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, it’s important to know that our drug treatment differs from that of many other behavioral therapy programs. Why? Because it is based on the foundation of the Christian faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. This means that our therapy program isn’t just based on personal growth, but also spiritual growth.

If you’ve done any reading into behavioral therapy, you’ve likely already encountered some speculation. Unfortunately, there are many untrue myths floating around about this type of therapy and we’d love to clear some of them up for you. Here are three common myths about behavioral therapy.

Past experiences do not matter.

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we believe that a large part of behavioral therapy is reflecting on our past experiences and acknowledging that they played a role in who we are today. But this does not mean that we solely focus on the past. We simply reflect, learn, and grow from what our previous experiences have taught us. Sometimes young teen boys struggling with addiction just need guidance and time to look back on their choices and past experiences, take it to God and let Him heal their hearts. This reflection is an important part of the healing process and plays a large role in discovering personal value and identity in Christ.

Behavioral therapy only addresses symptoms, not the real problem.

This is a common thought in regards to behavioral therapy, but the staff at Ozarks Teen Challenge does not find this to be true. Our faith-based healing approach dives deep into the heart of the issue, requiring that teen boys ask those difficult questions, explore the truth of their heart’s desires and uncover the true meaning of God’s love for us. If anything, we believe that faith-based behavioral therapy uncovers the root of the issue, casts it out and invites healing.

My son has to actually be motivated for behavioral therapy to change anything.

This could not be further from the truth. Many students come to us unmotivated, not wanting to change and in denial about their addiction. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in dealing with these situations and while each student grows and heals at his own pace, it is the unyielding love of Christ that pervades all struggle. The OTC behavioral therapy program is aimed at lifelong change and it is structured in such a way that reaches even those whose hearts have been hardened by the temptations and struggles of the world.

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