Continuing Education

Ozarks Boys Academy

Ozarks Boys Academy is the educational portion of your teen’s stay with us. It features:

  • Personal One-On-One Tutoring
  • Video tutoring
  • Fully customizable class curriculum
  • Self-Paced Classes
  • Year-Round Education

Field Trips:

Educational field trips to places such as Wilsons Creek Battlefield, the Titanic museum, Table Rock Lake Dam, Army Corps of Engineers and Conservation Fish Hatchery, also serve as a vital part of your boy’s education with us.

Internet/Computer Usage:

Through our secure & monitored internet server, your teen will be able to continue his education with his own personal computer and work space without any concern of “extracurricular” internet browsing.

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Academy FAQ's

Yes, as long as he meets the credit requirement for the state of Missouri, your teen will receive a Highschool Diploma from Ozarks Boys Academy.

All core credits are transferable in most cases. There have been a few cases where select elective credits were not accepted.

We use the Award Winning “Switched on Schoolhouse” curriculum developed by Alpha and Omega Publishing.  Alpha and Omega is a well-established company with over 30 years of history in developing quality online homeschool curriculum. Graduates from our Academy have gone on to be accepted into schools such as: Baylor University, Creighton University, Stetson University, Missouri State University, and the United States Marines to name a few.

Classes are customizable to your teen’s specific needs and placement testing can be given to assess those needs. A majority of our students are able to catch up since our classes run continuously through the 15 month school program. Some of our students even advance and graduate school early.

Local testing sites are available and testing can be arranged on a case by case basis.

Missions & Service Trips

Missions & service trips are additional opportunities that we make available to our students. Neither of these opportunities are requirements for graduation from our teen program, but they are highly beneficial to the teens who have the opportunity and desire to participate in them. We recommend that our families consider their teen’s participation as an added opportunity for growth.

Missions Trips

One to two times a year, we provide small groups of students opportunities to go on missions trips.  We have gone to places overseas, such as Haiti, to support international Teen Challenge centers.  As well as, locations here in the United States: West Virginia, California, & New York to name a few.

Our missions trips provide our teens the opportunity to move from the selfishness that addiction breeds, to service and selfless acts of kindness towards others. By allowing our students to serve others through working on special projects and sharing their personal testimonies, they are emboldened in their personal confidence and in their faith.

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Service Trips

Service trips take place all throughout the year and offer the chance for students to take a step back from their own needs to focus on helping those around them. As they build their relationship with the Lord, they learn that we are to serve others as Christ served us as found in Matthew 20:28, “Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”. These service trips have proven to be a great time of spiritual and emotional growth for our students and many have returned with a sense of contentment knowing they have impacted the lives of others.

Trips are taken in many areas in the surrounding communities. Some of the service trips have included partnering with local churches to prepare for large events, offering help to Convoy of Hope and assisting families during their move into a different home.