Follow-Up Evaluations

Follow-up evaluations are conducted with parents up to five years later (including those whose student’s did not complete the program) and those evaluations reveal:

  • 83% reported an increase in respect for parents, siblings, & other authority figures
  • 77.7% reported an increase in healthy relationships and secured employment
  • 69.2% reported a reduction (or elimination) of at risk behaviors
  • 69.2% of graduates are currently enrolled in college

Ultimately, Ozarks Teen Challenge success rate is seen most clearly through the faces and testimonies of our students and families themselves.

Transition Program

Transitioning out of the program and into a healthy and God-fearing walk is an important element in continuing with a successful and full life for our graduates. Our goal is to continue to guide the students, even after they have left the program, in order to help them learn to work through their issues on their own. We strive to keep the families connected and seek out opportunities for continued growth within the life of our graduates as well as the family unit.

Once a student has completed one year of the program, our Transition Coordinator will be in contact with the family. During communication, they will work together to establish a Family Covenant as well as set up a strong family plan to be enacted once the student graduates our program. After graduation, the Transition Coordinator will check in every 2-3 months and is also available for incoming calls at this time. At 6 months post-graduation, the calls will decrease to twice a year and then once a year. This program enables the student an easier transition from a direct care environment to living a more self-sustaining yet accountable life.

Transition House

In May of 2017 we completed the David Miller Home of Hope. With the transition house now open, we have welcomed several residents and have provided assistance to them in attaining a job while also learning to pay their own bills and step out on their own. The duration of the stay ranges from 6 months to 1 year and costs $350 per month for rent and utilities. While residing at the transition house, the occupants will participate in weekly group meetings and attend church together in order to stay accountable and maintain sobriety. They will also have the opportunity to take classes to further assist in independent living including financial management classes.


Josh’s Testimony

TC Testimony – Josh from Teen Challenge on Vimeo.

Letter from a Parent

“Defiant. Disrespectful. Angry. Irresponsible. Selfish. Arrogant. User. Chaos. This was Sam in the summer of 2013. Our lives were consumed by trying to tweak the world to keep our son…”


Pierce’s Testimony