Meet the dedicated staff of Ozarks Teen Challenge.  As your rehab and treatment center staff, we consider ourselves servants of Christ. We PLEDGE to nurture and develop each student according to their unique needs. We COMMIT ourselves to faithfully mentor and serve the young men and families that we have the distinct privilege of working alongside.  We DEDICATE ourselves to do so with the same passion, love, and grace that Christ has shown to each of us.

The greatest testament to the quality of our staff is hearing what the parents of our troubled teens have to say…

A Step Above – Ozarks Teen Challenge Parents Speak:

“The staff floors me with how well they know my son. I believe it takes KNOWING someone to truly be able to help them in the way that is best for them. They truly know how to effect and counsel my son because they know HIM.” 

  • The staff floors me with how well they know my son. I believe it takes KNOWING someone to truly be able to help them in the way that is best for them. They truly know how to effect and counsel my son because they know HIM.
  • When we chose OTC for our son, it was mostly based on Teen Challenge’s good name and a LOT of faith. We found out that ALL the staff at OTC truly cared for our son and best of all our son eventually realized that too! What a blessing Ozarks Teen Challenge has been for us!
  • The staff clearly goes above and beyond all expectations. One instance in particular was when I got a call from my parent contact, Steve. He informed me that if he had to go really quickly it was because he was in the hospital with his wife who was in labor!! However, he stated that they had an incident with my son that he wanted to talk with me about. WOW! It was not an emergency incident and it sure could have waited but he took the time to not only make the call but to explain the action taken, why it was taken and allowed me to share my thoughts.
  • The staff at Ozarks Teen Challenge are like family. They are filled with Godly wisdom and discernment.
  • There is NO SHAMING. The boys are NOT treated as bad, instead, the staff treats them all with such RESPECT. Even after our son was rebellious at Ozarks TC, the staff continued to give him opportunities to be a part of new experiences as he grew.
  • What really stands out to me about the staff is how REAL they are. They are honest and real about their own challenges and journeys which we are able to learn from, making it easier to be our authentic selves. I don’t feel like I have to be perfect; it’s ok to come to the staff with my own brokenness and they accept us as we are and don’t judge us.
  • My son has been in the program for a year now and he didn’t dive into it until he knew the love for him was real. He knows how to observe, test, and spot a fake. Love cannot be bought or received from a person who is there for a paycheck while teaching you coping skills. My son would not have received healing from that. The Ozarks Teen Challenge staff have impacted my son in such a way that he wants to remain in contact with them upon the program’s completion.

-Teen Challenge Parents


Michael Buttacy

Executive Director
M.B.A. & Missouri Recovery Support Specialist

Hailing from Long Island, New York, Michael is a proud husband and father of one boy and one girl who inspire him everyday to work towards life change for the students and families he sees everyday. From a young age, Michael felt called by God to stand in the gap…


Steven Borchert

Program Director
B.S. Wildlife Biology & Missouri Recovery Support Specialist

Steven is a proud husband and father of two boys and two girls.  He grew up in Montana which fed his love for the outdoors and exploring God’s creation.  He is also passionate about running and has led several student marathon teams to attempt the impossible and succeed. His passion for…

Skyler Martin

Skyler Martin

Admissions Coordinator
B.A. Philosophy & Theology

          Skyler Martin is a husband, proud father of two, and a native of the Midwest. In 2010 he moved from central Missouri to the Branson area, where he attended College of the Ozarks, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion. He has…

Dr. Laura Roets

Academic Administrator
EdD; PhD; Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Dr. Laura Roets has been an Okie from Muskogee for the past 31 years and joined us in the summer of 2015 as our Academic Administrator.  She brings years of experience in multiple fields to our campus and we are honored to have her as part of our team.  Dr. Laura…

Derrick Gilbert

Discipleship Coordinator
Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor & MRSS-P

At the the age of 21 Derrick walked through the doors of Teen Challenge.  At first, he was skeptical of what Teen Challenge or Christ could do to help him, but it was the staff’s investment in time and relationship building with him that ultimately broke through.  He gave his…

Adam Holderread

Assistant Discipleship Coordinator
M.S. Criminal Justice & Missouri Recovery Support Specialist

Adam is a native of Illinois and loves spending time with his wife and two kids who inspire him to take joy in the small things everyday.  Adam has been on staff with us since 2010.  During his time with us, Adam has worked both as Support Staff, School Administrator,…

Peggy Niebuhr

Office Manager

Originally from Iowa, Peggy spent 29 years in Illinois as a pastor’s wife, graphic designer and mother of four. Feeling ready for a transition, Peggy felt God’s call to minister in a new capacity. That is when she joined the team here at Ozarks Teen Challenge in 2015 as our…

Tommy McElwrath

Recreation Coordinator
M.A. Theological Studies

          Tommy came to a saving faith in Christ while serving in Iraq in 2008. Shortly thereafter, while working at a local gym, the Lord would place a unique calling on his life to “teach the Bible and train young men”. This calling would lead him,…

Wesley Garcia

Direct Care Staff

Wesley grew up in the northeast and is a graduate of Southern California Teen challenge.  After a long battle with addiction and the prayers of friends and family he was able to enter the doors of Teen Challenge in California where God released him from the bondage of addiction to…

Bradley Bond

Kitchen Coordinator & Direct Care Staff

Bradley is a graduate of Pensacola Teen Challenge where God dramatically transformed his life. Bradley then decided to further develop his leadership skills while giving back to the Pensacola Center, that had given him so much, by completing an internship within their wood shop department. He then moved to Missouri…

Adam Dunaway

Transition Coordinator

Missouri Associate Alcohol Drug Counselor I

Adam is an east coaster with a LOVE for the beach and surfing. He is also a big fan of action sports and all kind of outdoor activities. He is currently working toward his pastoral credentialing with the Assemblies of God thru Global University’s Berean School of the Bible. “I love life because…








Madison Gramling

Marketing & Special Events Coordinator

B.S. in Advertising & Public Relations; Minor in Nonprofit & Social Enterprise Business

Madison is a southern girl at heart. She loves college football, hunting, and all kinds of outdoor activities. Originally from Arkansas, Madison grew up in Ozark, Missouri where she spent most of her time with friends and family…

Anthony Brent

Direct Care Staff

Missouri Associate Alcohol Drug Counselor I 

Anthony hails from St. Louis, MO region.  He is a certified life coach and was married in 2017. Anthony attended and graduated the Cape Girardeau Teen Challenge program in 2016 and went on to complete an internship here, at Ozarks Teen Challenge….