How to Apply

Our goal is to make the admissions process to our residential rehab center simple and informative. In a time of frustration and distress, we hope to ease your troubles by walking you through each step of this process. We can assure you the school curriculum and structured atmosphere at Ozark Teen Challenge will be just what your teen needs. Call our Admission Coordinator, Mitchell Easter, and let us partner with you today! (417) 272-3784

Our Admissions Process:

Step 1: To start the enrollment process, contact us by filling out this Online Form (so that we can contact you at your convenience) or call us today at 417-272-3784.

Step 2: Take a Campus Tour and/or Complete an Application

Step 3: Turn in completed Teen Challenge Application with application fee & medical paperwork.

Step 4: Schedule a enrollment date with our Admissions Coordinator

Step 5: Setup transportation options (we can assist with this process if needed)

Common Questions:

Is Ozarks Teen Challenge the right choice for your son? There are multiple options for therapeutic boarding schools for your troubled teen. Reading some of the answers to the questions below may help you decide if school for troubled teens is right for your son.

15 months. Studies have shown that it takes the average person 12 months to break ingrained habits and 3 months more to establish new habits.

While you are ultimately in charge of your son’s care, we ask that families commit to the 15 month time frame before enrolling in the program. We require this commitment in order to avoid manipulations of false progress within our student body and to encourage honest & open growth opportunities. We believe in setting standards of structure and consistency for our students, including the length of the program. Also, our program focuses on different developmental areas as they move through our 5 Phases and we want to ensure that each student leaves with every tool available to them.

No, we deal with any life controlling issue your son may be struggling with (i.e. defiance, running away, pornography, substance abuse, to name a few).

  • Our student tuition includes the following expenses incurred during our 15 month program:
    • Food & board
    • Educational & recreational field trips
    • Discipleship/mentoring materials and services
    • All facility/administration fees
  • Optional missions trip opportunities & student conferences may require additional funding or fundraising, but we strive to ensure that every student is able to take advantages of these experiences.
  • Uniform & education related fees are paid separately before your son’s enrollment date.

Tuition is broken down into monthly payments, with the first and last month required prior to arrival. Tuition is due every month thereafter based on the student’s enrollment date.

While our tuition prices are set to make our program as affordable as possible, our Admissions Coordinator can discuss some limited scholarship options with you if they are available at that time.

Lending Solutions

American Healthcare Lending also provides lending options to qualified families.  Click Here to learn more!

Church or Civic Organization

Sometimes the church or civic organization that a parent belongs to will assist with treatment costs. Discussing your situation with the Pastor of your church or President of your group may lead to financial assistance.


Typically, insurance does not pay for residential treatment. However, it may depend on your personal benefit package and it does not hurt to ask. Sometimes part of the stay or the counseling portion is covered.  Please contact your insurance company so that they can make a determination.

You are ultimately in control of deciding what is best for your son’s care and we can work with you on options for transporting your son here safely and without incident.

As long as he is under 18 prior to enrollment he is eligible.

We DO NOT accept students who are currently taking meds for psychological purposes. We require a doctor’s written permission for them to be off any psychotropic meds prior to arrival (Our Admissions Coordinator can answer any questions you may have regarding this issue).

We can make arrangements for dispensing meds that are required for other medical needs (I.e. diabetes, asthma, etc.). We also help with arrangements/transportation for any necessary medical or dental visits while your son is with us.

To maintain consistency & structure for our students we have developed a pass schedule for family visits as they move through the program. Please click here to see Pass Schedule.

    • Students have scheduled weekly phone calls home.
    • The frequent exchange of letters is encouraged.
    • Each family is also assigned a Parent Contact, a staff member who will contact you with bi-weekly updates and answer any questions you may have.
    • Detailed monthly progress reports are also sent to each parent/guardian.

We schedule enrollments for Monday’s at 11 a.m. Once your paperwork is processed, our Admissions Coordinator will work to schedule you on the next available date as openings become available.

It usually takes the average family 2-3 weeks to complete the admissions process.  Admission can move faster in emergency situations when parents get all admission documents in quickly.

After taking a tour and/or talking to our admissions coordinator, you will be given an application packet.  This application and all documents outlined within, must be sent in with the $500 application fee to secure your intake date.

As opposed to most state run facilities, we know that the most powerful catalyst for life change, comes from three important spiritual truths. The first, is that our students are created by God, in His image, no matter their current circumstances. The second, is that they were ransomed by Christ, revealing their invaluable worth to God giving hope for the future. The third is that the power and strength for change is available in the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. Every aspect of our program is created and filtered through these and the many other spiritual truths of the Bible.

Professionalism and Credentials

Our staff is committed to excellence and maintaining credentialing and professionalism that assures safe, quality care for your son.

      • All Staff are Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Institute Certified
      • All Staff are CPR and First Aid Certified
      • A Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and multiple Registered Associate Alcohol and Drug Counselors on staff.
      • Partnerships with several local psychologists specializing in sex therapy and is viagra over the counter adolescent sex offender counseling.
      • Four staff members hold Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of: Wildlife Biology, Music, Psychology and Theology.
      • Three staff members hold Master’s degrees in the fields of: Counseling, Business, and Criminal Justice.
      • One staff member holds a Doctoral Degree in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

Commitment to Quality Personalized Care

Our staff are committed to addressing the unique needs of each of our students.  We do this through one-on-one counseling, individual mentorship, and personal and group discipleship classes.  We are committed to caring for our students as we would our own and providing an environment for them to grow.  But don’t take our word for it, ask our Admissions Coordinator, today, for references from parents and students who have experienced this care first-hand.

Coach giving a teen rehab through mentorship