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Are Boarding Schools with Rehab Treatments the Real Deal?

Do Boarding Schools with Rehab Treatments Really Work?

Is your teen boy struggling with addiction? If so, you’re likely perusing the internet for the best boarding schools with rehab treatments right at this moment. However, there’s probably one question that’s circling through your mind over and over again… Do these rehab programs even work?

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we don’t blame you for asking this question. In fact, we completely understand this concern, considering you want to make sure you get your son the best help that you can provide. Not to mention, many youth programs out there can make invalid claims or simply just not be the best option for your son. Unfortunately, the answer to your question isn’t simple. In fact, boarding schools with rehab treatments don’t always work, and here’s why:

1. Lack of Faith and Life Transformation

What many programs fail to do is focus on changing your teen’s attitude and perspective through building a strong relationship with the Lord. By putting complete faith in God, drug addiction can be overcome by His presence and love, opening up a secure path to healing and life transformation.

That’s why at Ozarks Teen Challenge, our youth program first focuses on strengthening the relationship with Christ and learning how to take responsibility. We place high focus on the importance of the connection your son has with Jesus in order to live a fulfilled, substance-abuse free life.

2. Absence of Trustworthy, Supportive Staff Members

The people you surround yourself with can greatly affect your attitude, your mood, and even your overall well-being. For example, if you’re surrounded by negative people, you’ll likely start to feel negative yourself. That’s why it’s vital that boarding schools with rehab treatments have staff members that are both supportive and trustworthy. If your son knows that the individuals helping him through his recovery are always there for him unconditionally, has his best interest in mind, and won’t judge him for his actions and behaviors, the healing process will be much more effective.

3. Too Self-Centered

Often times, boarding schools with rehab treatments are very self-centered. Meaning that the program focuses solely on the individual. However, boarding schools with rehab treatments that places the importance on God first focuses on the principles laid out by Christ Our Lord, encouraging forgiveness, peace, and overall purpose.  

At Ozarks Teen Challenge, our program is centered around the Word of God and servant leadership in order to paint the bigger picture for your son and provide a holistic recovery process.

Learn More About Boarding Schools with Rehab Treatments

Searching for boarding schools with rehab treatments can be tough, especially when looking for a program that fits your son’s needs perfectly. Contact us today at Ozarks Teen Challenge and let us help you discover if our program is right for your son.

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