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Benefits of Inpatient Behavioral Therapy

Many parents choose behavioral therapy at OTC for these reasons.

Ozarks Teen Challenge is not your typical teen rehab program. Our Christian boarding school offers a type of inpatient behavioral therapy that isn’t often found through group mentoring and singular outpatient visits. We believe that by fully immersing your son in a Christ-centered lifestyle, he is better able to cope with the mental, physical and spiritual stressors of life and build a successful long term recovery.

Our Behavioral Therapy Program

The 15-month recovery program offered through our Christian boarding school is customized for each and every teen who walks through our door. This is one of the major benefits of an inpatient therapy vs. an outpatient behavioral therapy. Unlike the quick one-on-one sessions your teen may experience while living at home, our staff is able to spend quality time learning about your child’s specific needs and behaviors and developing a program which suits him personally.

The behavioral therapy program includes a number of therapeutic methods, including wilderness therapy, team challenges, discipleship and leadership training, life skills training, and an educational component. By helping your teen rediscover his value by becoming physically active, mentally sound, and spiritually whole, we believe our program offers a greater advantage than a standard outpatient approach.

Ozarks Boys Academy

Through our teen rehab program, boys with behavioral issues not only receive behavioral therapy to reshape attitudes, they also receive the education necessary to get ahead and be successful in school and life. Ozarks Teen Challenge offers personal one-on-one tutoring, field trips, video tutoring, customizable class curriculum based on each student, and the ability to set the pace to suit individual learning levels. Parents are able to follow along with grades and progress through our report card system, and are also able to communicate with their son and teachers regularly.

All of the credits earned through our Christian boarding school during behavioral therapy are real credits which work toward the completion of a high school diploma. The benefits of our inpatient program carry through to your son’s schooling, providing greater access to one-on-one learning, as well as specified tutor and homework times that may not be enforced at home.

For more information on our inpatient behavioral therapy program and other teen rehab programs at Ozarks Teen Challenge, we invite you to contact us today! You can also read more about our faith based Christian boarding school on our website to determine the benefits of our therapies for yourself.

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