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Drug Treatment: How to Talk to Your Teen About Addiction

Tips for Starting Drug Treatment by Talking to Your Teen

Speaking to your teen about addiction can be difficult, if only because it’s a conversation that you never want to have. Depending on your teen’s habits, this discussion can escalate into an argument. If the situation is bad enough, you may need to send your teen for drug treatment.

But one way to prevent the need for drug treatment is to start talking with your teen early on. Some teens will be exposed to addictive substances very early, so talking to them while they’re young is a good preventative measure.

If you’re unsure how to broach the subject or simply afraid of how your troubled teen may respond, read on. The caring team at Ozarks Teen Challenge has seen many cases of troubled teens who need help addressing addictive habits through drug treatment. Let us offer some advice on getting the conversation started about disruptive drug behavior.

Talk, Talk, Talk

If you’re not engaged in your teen’s life to begin with, how can you expect to talk about the difficult subjects? Maintain communication with your teen, even when it gets difficult. When it does, change the subject or come back to it later. What’s important is that you establish a precedent for open discussion, which means talking about the serious stuff and the silly stuff alike.

Be Informative

Your teen is still growing and learning. At that age, they can still absorb knowledge quickly. When you do talk about the dangers of addictive substances, don’t just discourage the behavior. Offer information about the problems it can cause to their development, their relationships, and their future. Giving them an adult’s perspective on the stakes involved can help them better consider their negative behaviors.

Lead by Example

Many children grow up in homes that foster addictive behaviors. Teens who’ve come to age seeing family members drink to excess, not to mention being offered a sip here and there, can develop notions about the acceptability of the negative behavior. Set good examples for your teen by abstaining or participating in drinking only sparingly.

Give Them the Tools

You know what kinds of temptations your teen will encounter. Help them learn how to say “no.” Share with them your experiences refusing to participate in negative behaviors or share stories about friends you knew at their age who struggled with similar issues.

It’s also important to realize why your teen may be seeking to engage with problematic people or substances. Keeping your teen occupied with things they enjoy will help them stay occupied and focused on productive activities.

Drug Treatment for Troubled Teens at Ozarks Teen Challenge

Nobody wants to see their teen struggling with addictive and damaging behaviors, but to let it continue may simply make it worse. If you’re seeking drug treatment for your troubled teen, don’t hesitate to call Ozarks Teen Challenge. Ozarks Teen Challenge offers troubled teens drug treatment alongside behavioral therapy and recreational therapy through constructive activities and faith-based practice over a 15-month course.

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