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Faith Based Teen Rehab With Ozarks Teen Challenge: Changing Lives By Changing Culture

Christian teen rehab with a gospel-centered culture.

You’re a small business owner who works from home, a mom of two young children, a wife of 15 years, and a darn good multitasker. One day you’re peacefully working at your desk in your home office when your cell phone rings. It’s one of your clients – and they’re angrily yelling at you about the results of a recent transaction. You calmly gather your thoughts and begin to respond when all of a sudden, the familiar sound of the your two-year-old crying makes its way down the hall. As you get up from your chair to console your baby while still attempting to calm your client down on the phone, the doorbell rings and your dog rushes to the front door, barking ferociously. In no less than a minute, everything around you has instantly escalated and every disruption is demanding your attention at the same time. You stand motionless in the hall while your mind sluggishly tries to wrap itself around everything that’s happening before crumbling to the floor in a defeated heap of frustration.

Often in life, we find ourselves in situations like this – and whether it’s a physical or mental disruption, it can be difficult to tune out all the extra noise and really focus in on what’s important.

Our boys boarding school offers a five-phase program for troubled teens that encourages many positive behavioral changes. Phase 4 of our teen rehab program focuses on a change in culture, offering troubled teens a break from all the noise of everyday life and the outside pressures from negative influences. The staff members at Ozarks Teen Challenge understand that life is messy and crowded with millions of things that demand our attention. But they also know that cultivating a firm foundation in Jesus Christ can help troubled teens see the world in a different light and remain unchanged, regardless of the changing culture around them.

Finding Rest In the Silence

The carefully crafted Phase 4 of our teen rehab youth program offers a breath of fresh air and rest from the constant noise. Our Christian boarding school shouldn’t be viewed as an impenetrable bubble filled with behavioral therapy, group counseling and wilderness therapy programs. Instead, it should be viewed as a  preparatory safe haven where troubled teens can ask questions, meditate on the things that stir their affection for Christ, and resolve issues with gospel-centered solutions before heading back out into the world.

During their time at our Christian teen rehab facility, young boys will have the chance to shed the old self-destructive culture that was threatening to consume them and grow into a new culture of Christ, filled with grace, hope and transformative power.

Phase 4 Focus

Phase 4 of our teen therapy program is an important time in the recovery process and incorporates several very purposeful steps that are vital to permanent change. Phases 1-3 provides teens the necessary time to work on relationships, understand their own personal value and find their strengths. Phase 4 helps troubled teens develop a strategy to safeguard their progress after they return home. We do so by helping young men identify their triggers and develop an action plan to overcome those triggers.

Additionally, this phase is meant to be a time of growth for teens to learn the difference between being the change in the world and becoming part of the world. By meditating on real, applicable questions like “How does my faith transcend every area of my life?” and “How do I become a peer mentor who positively affects those around me instead of falling to peer pressure?” each teen is challenged to become a cultural changer instead of a cultural clone.

Living On Campus For the Teen Rehab Process

The Ozarks Teen Challenge teen rehab program encourages troubled teens to cling to the truth they’ve found in Jesus regardless of what the world is doing around them. By living at our Christian boarding school alongside their peers, young teen boys are able to focus on soaking up the gospel in an environment that encourages personal growth. Eventually, they can return home without reverting to a culture filled with selfishness, apathy and lack of self-control.

While 15 months may seem like a long time for a rehab program, every moment of that time is valuable and allows teens to clear out their minds and bodies, process issues and develop new behaviors. Phase 4 is focused on a change in culture, but that change takes time, especially in the face of addiction.

If you think our teen rehab program could be a good option for your son, read more about our 5 Phase System for teen therapy or contact Ozarks Teen Challenge today for more information.

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