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Finding a Drug Treatment Program You Can Trust

Choosing a drug treatment program for your son is difficult. Here’s why you can trust OTC.

Being a parent with a teen who has fallen into the pit of addiction can be utterly terrifying. The thought of losing your child emotionally, mentally, and even physically is horrific, but seeking help can be just as daunting. It is important to choose a teen drug treatment program you believe in, with leaders that you can trust.

Here at Ozarks Teen Challenge, our drug treatment program is an open book. We understand how difficult it is for parents to let go of the reins and allow a stranger to help with the wellbeing of their child. This is why we use our website as a tool to communicate everything from our 5 phase teen rehab program, to the underlying Christian principles on which we base the recovery process.

Here’s a deeper look into our drug treatment program and things you should consider when searching for a trustworthy drug treatment program like Ozarks Teen Challenge.

The Drug Treatment Interview Process

You wouldn’t let just anybody babysit your child as an infant, so why would you put their lives in the hands of strangers now without first getting to know the people and the system with which your child will interact? At Ozarks Teen Challenge, we highly encourage parents to be involved in the recovery process. Our Christian boarding school offers tours and interviews with staff, allowing parents to better understand everything from where your teen will sleep at night, to the daily activities he will be involved in.

We are happy to break down our step by step program, pray with you over your child’s continued recovery, and offer as much continued support as we can to your son and your family. When choosing a drug treatment program, it is important that you are comfortable with the principles behind the treatment process, as well as the individuals you are entrusting your child to.

Ratings and Reviews

We never expect parents to take our word for the success that we have seen here at Ozarks Teen Challenge. In fact, we proudly display endorsements, reviews, and the personal testimonies of teens we have helped directly on our website.

We are also happy to share the statistics of success, through our follow up evaluations which are conducted up to five years after graduation. Although we cannot share personal details of the teens who have stayed with us, we can give you factual figures regarding their success rates.
If you are interested in learning more about Ozarks Teen Challenge, our drug treatment and behavioral therapy program, and our principles, we invite you to contact us today! Our friendly staff is standing by to answer your questions, and schedule an interview and tour to help put your mind at ease before choosing the best option for your son.

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